Product recalls or recall notices announced recently. Details are available in most cases at and other websites or phone numbers listed.

Brake fluid

Continental Aftermarket GMBH is recalling about 488,000 units of brake fluid because its color is wrong. Each type of brake fluid has a color requirement so it can be identified. The brake fluid being recalled is blue, rather than in the range of colorless to amber that is required.

Documents posted on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website say Continental Aftermarket is recalling some ATE Super Blue Racing DOT 4 brake fluid because it could be misidentified and improperly mixed in the braking system. Highway safety officials say that could lead to brake damage or failure.

The company will offer to buy back affected units. Details: 800-265-1818; by email at


About 11,300 CE Tech riser cables sold in boxes of 1,000-foot lengths. It is intended to run between floors of a building as data cable. This type of cable must self-extinguish in a fire. The cable is gray and marked (UL) E316395. The box is blue and black and is marked CE Tech 1,000 ft. riser cable, Cat 6 23-4. They were sold at Home Depot Inc. stores from Jan. 2013 through Feb. 2013.

The riser cable does not meet fire resistance standards for riser cable, posing a fire hazard. Details: 800-394-7519; online at and click on Product Recalls.

Propane cylinders

About 7,500 100-pound Propane Cylinders made by Manchester Tank & Equipment Co. They were made from January through September 2012. The date of manufacture is printed on the collar by month and year, so “6*12” represents June 2012. The name Manchester and the water capacity “WC238#” are also pressed into the collar. Manchester 100-pound propane cylinders with a green dot on the hand-wheel on the top of the cylinder are not included in the recall. They were sold from January 2012 through March.

Fuel can leak from the thread connection between the cylinder and valve, posing a fire hazard if exposed to an ignition source. Details: 800-640-6327; online at

Handgun vaults

About 4,000 Compact and Large Handgun Security Vaults imported by Battenfeld Technologies Inc. The recall is for combination lock models of Lockdown Compact and Large handgun security vaults. They are black, steel cases used to store handguns or other valuables at home, in the car or when traveling. The Compact vault’s interior is 5.25 inches wide, 8.25 long and 1.5 inches deep and can store most compact automatics and revolvers.

The Large vault’s interior is 6.125 inches wide, 9.75 inches long and 1.5 inches deep and can store most full-sized automatics and revolvers with barrels up to 4 inches long. The vaults are lined with foam padding and secured by a three-digit combination lock. A label with the words “Lockdown” and “” is to the left of the combination lock. The serial number is on a paper label on the inside surface of the vault bottom under the foam. Recalled Compact and Large vaults have serial numbers from ST120002600 to ST120006800.

They were sold May 2012 to March 2013. The lock can fail and allow unintended access. Details: 877-509-9160; online at and click on “Product Recall.”

Portable heaters

About 19,460 Optimus Tower Quartz heaters sold at Family Dollar Stores from September 2012 through December 2012.

The front section of the top has the brand name Optimus, a power light, a caution light and two dials. The rear section of the top has fire, high temperature, and shock warnings and diagrams of the heater being used in 750 watt mode and 1500 watt mode. Model number “H-5232” is on a sticker on the bottom of the heater.

They can overheat, posing a fire hazard. There have been 10 reports of overheating but no reports of injury, fire or property damage. Details: 800-547-0359;