Bus safety

As we were returning home to Pembroke (in Park West), we were behind a school bus, which turned on its lights and came to a stop at a roundabout. The driver then allowed the students (high schoolers) to leave in front of and in back of the bus.

When the bus driver began to pull off, we did also. I happened to see more students coming around the side and back of the bus, so I grabbed my driver’s arm to stop.

I was a school bus driver in Virginia many years ago. We did not have roundabouts, but I do not believe this bus driver discharged students properly. The driver did not block traffic on the roundabout and did not wait until all students were safely out of the roundabout before pulling off.

Anita Snyder, R.N.

Wellstead Street

Mount Pleasant

Graham misses

A recent letter writer wants us to support Lindsey Graham and can’t understand why some don’t. The writer assumes we are against immigration and national defense.

He further presents the false notion that Lindsey Graham’s “reforms” solve the immigration problem, even though we’ve been down this road before. The letter writer even makes the ludicrous claim that those reforms would be a boon to the economy. Nothing could be more naive and blatantly wrong.

First, laws are not supposed to be followed only if you like them, though we have a president who picks and chooses the ones to be enforced.

I, for one, favor immigration if it’s done legally. But the best and brightest are put at the end of the line behind illegal aliens who are often criminals (beyond their immigration status) and unskilled laborers.

True reform should streamline the process for honest, desirable applicants. Graham’s amnesty would mean a continuing drain on the economy and a continuing stream of illegals. The real point of it is to increase the number of legal liberal voters furthering the demise of the republic.

As for national security, I’m all for it. I bled for it. But we do have a Constitution, and it forbids violating our privacy, though Obama has never let it get in his way. I cannot help but wonder if anyone these days realizes that 90 percent of what the federal government has a hand in violates the Constitution — or if anyone cares.

By the way how have education, health care, housing, freedom of religion and the like been working for you?

Roger Hedges

Arbor Walk


Never surrender

A letter to the editor on Aug. 20 perfectly reflects the mindset of those who defend the Confederate Battle Flag: “The flag stands for honor, courage and defiance of tyranny in the face of overwhelming odds.” The tyranny was that the federal government believed that it was the final authority on certain issues. The Confederate states felt that they could ignore any federal laws with which they did not agree. Does that sound familiar? The Confederate states felt that no one could interfere with their right to buy, sell and own another human being.

The tyranny was that the federal government felt then and feels now that those two actions are wrong. Anyone whose ancestors were affected by either of those two tyrannies has an absolute right to be offended by that flag.

Neal Gittleman

Park West Boulevard

Mount Pleasant

Teacher pay

Tying teachers’ evaluations to student performance is a wonderful idea. It’s so wonderful I say let’s tie dentists’ pay to patients having no future cavities. While we’re at it we could tie all doctors’ pay to disease prevention, police pay to crime prevention and firemen’s pay to fire prevention.

School districts and the federal government have got to quit trying to turn education into a business. That business model of bonuses and pay scales being tied to performance doesn’t work with people who are public servants.

I signed on to this profession 20 years ago when the starting salary was less than $20,000. I sign on year after year because I believe in what I’m doing. To suggest that I, and hundreds of thousands of dedicated people like me, are holding back until a proper financial incentive is dangled diminishes a great profession and is absolutely offensive.

Further, it is unbelievable that our policy makers, from Mick Zais to Arne Duncan, could be so ignorant of what makes teachers tick. I have loved this job from the very beginning. Had I been motivated by a bigger check, I would have followed my friends into higher paying jobs or quit a long time ago.


Trevor Street

North Charleston

MLK for peace

The media have abounded with remembrances of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I have a dream” speech, and rightly so.

This is also a good opportunity to speak of other memorable speeches of Dr. King’s because he was anti-war. As the country moves toward invading yet another nation in the Middle East, I offer part of a speech he made on April 30, 1967.

“Don’t let anybody make you think that God chose America as his divine messianic force to be a sort of policeman of the whole world. God has a way of standing before the nations with judgment, and it seems that I can hear God say to America, ‘You are too arrogant.’”


Battle Ground Road