There’s nothing like alternative transportation to get cars off our overcrowded streets and to add a pleasing variety in the way residents and visitors get around in our most livable community.

That’s why the city of Charleston has strived to accommodate pedestrians, bicyclists, pedicabs, even skateboarders.

And in a port city, water taxis are a natural.

Next month, that option will expand with the addition of a water taxi dock at the Waterfront Park at Vendue Range and Concord Streets. The dock, costing $419,237, is being built with funds that the city receives from online travel companies.

Charleston Water Taxi already operates from docks at the Charleston Maritime Center, Charleston Harbor Resort, Mount Pleasant’s Shem Creek and Patriots Point.

Charleston’s popular Waterfront Park will provide another central location for pickup and drop-off.

“Our waterways have historically been used as a means for getting from one place to another,” Charleston Mayor Joe Riley says. “This water taxi dock will offer residents and visitors unique transportation which doesn’t require a car to get around.”

And you get an appealing, waterside perspective of the harbor, the city and the town on the way to your destination.