Charleston, we need to have a talk. This is a striking and exceptional city and one could never grow tired of viewing the charming marshes and salty waters of your dynamic coastline. You are great — there is no doubting it. So, it’s hard to understand why it would be an important use of your time to engage in a silly schoolyard fight with another city in your state.

I moved here six months ago from Columbia (you know, the one with “list envy”) and each resident of the Holy City makes it a priority to tell me what an awful place I have just escaped from — as if our state capital is a void and stagnant hole people step into by accident. It’s not that this line of conversation is impolite — it’s just silly.

Columbia does not stay in night after night in its pajamas watching Kardashian reruns and wishing it were Charleston or Greenville.

And huge thanks to Kiplingers for the nod, but Columbia’s citizens are not fist-pumping in the streets and feeling self-assured because finally someone likes us — really, really likes us.

So congratulations to columnist Brian Hicks for defining his city based solely on its Tripadvisor rating.

And I really applaud his manners. I hope we can sit down for tea sometime so that he can show me exactly what direction to point my pinky finger.

I love my life here in Charleston, and I seem to manage this without constantly reminding Columbia that it lags behind in Southern Living article spreads.

I would refer to Mr. Hicks’ piece as satire, but the citizens of Chucktown engage in this conversation far too often for it to be touted as mere sarcasm. His attempt was just an odd display of misplaced and disinterested pretension.

He needn’t worry about Columbia. It’s doing all right.

Hey, Columbia. Love you, miss you, I got your back.


Sandbar Lane

Folly Beach