COLUMBIA — Gov. Nikki Haley’s re-election campaign said Tuesday about 200 people attended her private fundraiser with three other Republican governors.

The fundraiser Monday evening at a Greenville home followed a public rally with Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, Texas Gov. Rick Perry and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, where Haley officially announced her long-expected run for a second term.

Campaign spokesman Rob Godfrey did not yet know how many of the roughly 200 donors paid the $3,500-per-couple price for additional access, as opposed to the $1,000-per-couple price.

Democrats pounced on what they termed a lackluster attendance at the much-advertised afternoon rally outside the BI-LO Center as evidence she’s in trouble.

“Despite bringing in three big-name out-of-state governors to help her build a crowd, Nikki Haley barely turned out more supporters than protesters for her big re-election announcement in deep-red Greenville County,” said Democratic Party spokesman Kristin Sosanie.

Several dozen protesters attended the event. They arrived well in advance and outnumbered supporters for a while. By the time the governors took the stage, there were an estimated 250 to 300 supporters. Those included 24 current and former GOP legislators and statewide officers who were recognized at the event.

Godfrey said it’s great so many people left work early to show support for Haley, and many others showed support by posting on social media and donating online.

“The energy at both the rally and the finance event were inspiring,” he said.