A week after a traffic stop that ended in a fatal shooting, Hanahan police released the report Monday.

Chief Mike Cochran released the report on the shooting of 22-year-old Travis Miller on the same day The Post and Courier ran a story questioning the delay. The story noted that most local police departments release reports on officer-involved shootings within 24 hours.

Cochran insisted he was not trying to be evasive. He said he wanted to make sure the report would be complete and accurate.

Cochran provided a summary of what happened at a press conference Friday, although he did not release the names of the two officers who shot at Miller until Monday.

The report identifies the two officers who fired at Miller as Sgt. Orlando Valdez and Officer Sean Kilbane.

On Aug. 19, Kilbane stopped the black BMW in which Miller was a passenger because the windows were tinted too dark.

Valdez pursued Miller in his cruiser when Miller took off running. The report does not say whether both officers hit Miller or how many times he was shot.

The State Law Enforcement Division is investigating the shooting.

Cochran said the officers fired at Miller because he shot at them over his shoulder while running, then continued to fire at officers even after he was on the ground wounded. The report coincides with Cochran’s summary, although Cochran provided many details that are not in the report.

For example, the report does not mention that a SWAT team found a .380 handgun near Miller’s body, a detail that Cochran brought out in his summary Friday.

The report also does not include statements from Kilbane and Valdez. SLED will release their statements when the investigation is finished, Cochran said.

A search of the BMW after the shooting turned up two baggies of marijuana, a scale, $124 in cash and three cellphones, according to the report. The occupants were charged with simple possession of marijuana and disorderly conduct, and the driver also was charged with a window-tint violation.

Miller served time for cocaine possession two years ago and had been arrested several times after his release, according to SLED and court records.

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