Seek wisdom

I was excited that Frank Wooten’s Aug. 15 column titled “Hard case: You be the Veronica judge” recounted the story of King Solomon who, through his wisdom, determined the real mother of a child being claimed by two women. Mr. Wooten ended the column lamenting the fact that Solomon was long gone and wishing he was around to decide Veronica’s case.

The fact is that King Solomon asked and was granted wisdom by God. In I Kings 3:9 Solomon asks God to give him an understanding heart that he may know the difference between right and wrong. Solomon is dead, but God is alive and still answers prayer requests today.

This child, the parents who claim her and those in power to make decisions about her welfare are in desperate need of God’s wisdom. So just as Solomon asked God for wisdom, let’s do the same on behalf of those involved in this case.

Harryette Berry

Willoughby Lane

Mount Pleasant

New drug in town

There is a new drug on the streets, and some local politicians oppose making its use by drivers illegal. It is Cell Phone Usage (CPU) that has taken the Lowcountry and the nation by storm in the last few years.

First it was just the use of the phone while driving. Then the phone companies came up with the ear bud, Bluetooth, etc.

The problem is that both sides of people’s brains are not focused on driving while they use that technology. And it seems that 99.8 percent of folks addicted to CPU (cell phone use) can’t drive a block without it and can’t drive worth a hoot while using it.

Texting is even worse than normal cell phone usage. While texting, drivers don’t look where they are going. They sit at stop lights when the light is green and horns are honking at them. Then they do wheelies to catch up with the flow of traffic.

I have watched while these addicts look down as they tick-tick-tick away with their thumbs, sending an important message to another addict friend. You know, something that just can’t wait until they are home or in the office.

It is not just the young folks who are playing Russian Roulette with their lives and ours. The older generation has the same idea that “it won’t happen to me, ’cause I’m a great driver.”

Mount Pleasant has become a bright light by considering a law banning texting while driving. All but Chris Nickels, Ken Glasson and Linda Page approved it. Those three used excuses like “it’s not enforceable.”

All the police have to do is look around them at stoplights. I see dozens of tickets to write every day. It would be good if state government passed a ban on texting, but we get the same sorry excuses from politicians in Columbia. Unfortunately, like illegal drugs, cell phones have become just as addictive and just as dangerous. The real addicts can’t drive, walk or ride bikes without talking to a friend on the cell phone. It really is a sickness.

Carl E. Meynardie Jr.

Village Creek Lane

Mount Pleasant

Misleading info

An Aug. 15 letter about recent misleading statements regarding premiums in the Affordable Care Act begs the question of generous federal health care insurance for members of Congress. Are the members opposed to ACA willing to give up their cushy deal or not?

In addition to their federal insurance plan, members of Congress are eligible to receive limited medical services, including yearly physicals, X-rays, etc., from the “office of the attending physician” at the U.S. Capitol for a yearly payment ($503 in 2009).

Many are also eligible to receive free outpatient care at military hospitals. These benefits, by the way, are denied to retired U.S. military.

Frances Monaco

7th Green Drive


Living wages

An Aug. 18 letter from the president of the S.C. AFL-CIO used the union mantra “living wage” for everyone who works. I would like for the writer to define “living wage.”

What would be the dollar amount per hour? Or the monthly or yearly dollar figure? What fringe benefits would be required?

Would a “living wage” for a mother, father and eight children be the same as a “living wage” for a single person living with parents?

Should people doing the same work be paid a different wage because they need more to support families?

Should wages be based on worth, need or what the employee or union desires?

This is not the first letter I have written to ask for a definition of a “living wage.” I am still waiting for a reply.


Roselle Avenue

Goose Creek

Time marches on

When this story first hit the papers, they dubbed her “Baby Veronica,” which they no longer call her.

At the rate the legal wheels are turning, she might be grown with a baby of her own before the courts establish her residence.

C.B. Jones Jr.

Highlander Lane