Charleston police have arrested a man accused of breaking into his former girlfriend’s home in an attempt to beat up her new boyfriend.

Mark Collins, 25, of Ashley River Road, is charged with first-degree burglary and criminal domestic violence in connection with the Tuesday incident, jail records show.

Officers responded to a Conservancy Lane home about 8:30 p.m., an incident report states. The home’s front door appeared to have been forced open, police said.

A woman who lived at the home told police that Collins, her ex-boyfriend, sent her a text message asking if they could meet.

The woman told Collins no, prompting him to ask whether her new boyfriend was at home, the incident report states.

The woman responded that she was with her boyfriend. Collins then said that he was going to drive to the house to fight the man, police said.

Collins attempted to kick down the home’s back door before forcing his way in through the front, the report states.

He pushed the woman down and ran upstairs to a locked bedroom where the boyfriend was hiding, police said.

The woman reported that something must have spooked Collins because he ran from the home soon after.

Collins was held at the Charleston County jail.