The dog days of summer aren’t supposed to be fun, but your photos sure were.

We had dogs hamming it up in front of waterfalls, beneath umbrellas and lounging on porches. We also had some great shots that showed how various people and animals braved the heat.

The editor’s pick was Samantha Amason’s photo of Ralph Peyton, Rick Hamill with dog Dixie while riding on Lake Boone in Tennessee. Amason, of Charleston, will see her picture on the cover of the People section in Saturday’s Post and Courier.

Next week’s assignment: Reflections. We think you all can shoot some great stuff with that topic.

Here are the rules:

Send your very best Your Refelctions photo to by noon Tuesday.

Include your name, town and where the photo was taken.

If you want your photo to be eligible to run in the newspaper, it must be at least 1,500 pixels and not have a commercial watermark.

Our editors will select which photo will appear each week. We reserve the right to not publish any photo for any reason.

Get shootin’.