The man who was killed by Hanahan police Monday night had been in and out of jail numerous times, but this was the first time a gun was involved, according to his arrest records.

Travis Jerome Miller, 22, was shot to death after police said he ran after a traffic stop and fired at them.

Hanahan police released no additional details on the shooting Wednesday, and department officials said an official report on the incident had not yet been completed.

Lt. Michael Fowler said the accepted practice after an officer shoots somebody is “to give the involved officers two sleep cycles before they put anything on paper.”

Police Chief Mike Cochran said reports are more accurate when officers wait one or two days before writing them. He cited an FBI study called “Working Toward the Truth in Officer-Involved Shootings: Memory, Stress, and Time.” He also said officers will consult their legal counsel before writing the reports.

Jay Bender, attorney for the S.C. Press Association, was skeptical.

“I do know that in the case of police-involved shooting, the longer this goes on, the less credibility any document produced by the department will have,” Bender said.

Miller was a frequent guest in the Charleston County jail before his fatal encounter with police.

He served six months in jail in 2011 for possession of crack cocaine with intent to distribute. Miller was riding in a car with a chunk of crack cocaine sitting on top of a Red Bull can when an officer pulled over the driver on Remount Road, according to the incident report.

Miller was convicted of second-degree burglary in 2010.

He was arrested several times in 2012, according to a background check from the State Law Enforcement Division. The charges include disorderly conduct and resisting arrest in February, entering premises after warning in March, entering another’s lands after notice in June and driving under suspension in July.

This February, he was charged with failure to appear for a court date on previous charges.

Miller was shot after he took off running and then fired at officers after a traffic stop, Cochran told reporters Tuesday. The black BMW was pulled over because the windows were tinted too dark, he said. The State Law Enforcement Division is investigating the shooting.

The driver, Robert Terrell Holmes, 25, and the two other passengers were charged with possession of marijuana and disorderly conduct. Holmes also was charged with a window tint violation.

Holmes and both of the other passengers had also been arrested before.

Holmes was convicted of possession of marijuana with intent to distribute in North Charleston in 2006 and given 30 months probation, according to Charleston County Court records.

Denzel Jermaine Washington, 21, one of the passengers, served six months in jail after being convicted of unlawful carrying of a pistol in 2010.

Washington was charged with possession of crack cocaine with intent to distribute in 2009 and armed robbery and possession of crack cocaine in 2008, but all those charges were dropped, according to Charleston County Court records.

The other passenger, Brittany Nicole Fleck, 25, had been arrested twice on shoplifting charges in North Charleston and had been charged twice with cocaine possession, according to SLED.

Washington and Fleck were being held in the Berkeley County jail Wednesday. Holmes was released on bail.

Glenn Smith and Christina Elmore contributed to this report. Reach Dave Munday at 937-5553 or on twitter @dmunday.