A Charleston man threw a beer can at a North Charleston store clerk when he was caught stealing it, then punched the clerk and another person outside the store, according to police.

Peter Jenkins, 52, of Heathwood Drive, was charged with strong-arm robbery and second-degree assault and battery on Sunday morning.

A clerk at Tiger Mart, at 3255 Rivers Ave., caught Jenkins taking a beer from the store and opening it, according to an incident report. When the clerk confronted him, Jenkins threw the beer can at her and began punching her and threatened to kill her, the report stated.

Jenkins then went outside and began using an umbrella to hit a person outside the store, according to the report.

When a North Charleston police officer approached Jenkins, he ignored him, the report stated. When the officer tried putting his hands on him, Jenkins pushed the officer off and “took a fighting stance,” according to the report.

The officer grabbed Jenkins by the arm and Jenkins tried to resist him by pulling away, until the officer was able to get him handcuffed, police said.