Flawed priorities

For years Charleston leadership has used tax revenue from its citizens to fund projects to attract tourists, rather than maintain the city’s infrastructure.

Flooding in the peninsula makes life difficult for taxpayers and disrupts their ability to earn a living, seek medical attention, shop and move about their own neighborhoods and places of business.

The standing water creates the potential for medical emergencies with catastrophic results, and the potential for outbreaks of infections and disease. Let’s hope enlightened political leadership changes priorities before a medical emergency or outbreak of a disease forces a wake-up call.

F. Jack Herrmann

Queen Street


Tipping values

The Aug. 14 article titled “The tipping debate ... makes statement about your values” should have read, “Service workers have made $2.13 an hour since 1991: What does that say about our collective values as a society?”

Since 1991 the cost of almost everything we buy has gone up. Wages have not.

The federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour is not enough to live on. South Carolina does not have a state minimum wage. Many S.C. jobs are low paying service jobs.

All jobs are important and part of the whole system. Each person who works deserves a living wage.

My values are to work toward an increase in the low wages of some workers in our society. I plan to contact our representatives to see about changing the law. My values are to help the majority of workers all the time.

I leave a tip too — when I can afford to go out to eat.

Erin McKee

President, S.C. AFL-CIO

Seiberling Road

North Charleston

Arrows needed

We don’t need to count traffic accidents, injuries or fatalities to determine when something needs to be done.

I am talking about the traffic light arrangement at Maybank Highway and Wappoo Creek Drive. Even in fairly moderate traffic flow it is dangerous to turn at this light. With heavy traffic, drivers must wait great lengths of time while traffic piles up, thus clogging traffic behind them onto Folly Road.

Otherwise, drivers may set their guardian angel on the dashboard and dart unlawfully against the light. Consequently there have been far too many wrecks and near misses. Highway skid marks attest to this fact.

All this brings to a crawl the traffic on Folly Road as drivers fight to get off Folly Road and onto Maybank Highway. Besides safety factors, when people cannot get into their preferred places to shop, they pass by and go to businesses with easier entrances and exits. Not at all good for business owners or customers.

The worst is yet to be. Directly behind Maybank Highway Shopping Center, land clearing is in progress for a huge new development. Imagine that added impact.

The situation is relatively simple. Turning lanes are already in place. The stop-and-go lights are already in place. We need traffic light arrows installed with the proper timing.

Petitions are available at the Maybank Piggly Wiggly and other surrounding businesses. This must be a united effort if we are to make shopping in this area a safe and easy experience.

June Waring


James Island PSD

Parkway Drive


Good barbecue

The Aug. 7 article on N.C. barbecue was laudable. Such an ambitious striving for culinary perfection is to be commended.

I feel compelled, however, to point out a grievous error regarding the Holy Grail of N.C. barbecue, the bed of live hickory coals. Soaked chips have no place in a proper preparation, and indirect heat is an unspeakable sin. This only leads to smoked meat, certainly not barbecue.

The butt must be positioned 18 to 24 inches above the coals. The rendered juices dropping on the coals result in a plume of flavor which permeates the meat, creating the bark that defines barbecue. The temperature of the coal bed should be kept at 250 degrees F.

To reach an internal temperature of 190 degrees in this fashion certainly tries one’s patience and takes the good part of a night. I find that an occasional sip of Makers Mark helps pass the time. But that’s just me.

John R. Nash Jr., M.D.

Middleton Point Lane

Edisto Island