After grabbing the first-day lead, the Stray Dog fishing team knew Saturday was going to be a long day in the 20th annual Fishing for Miracles King Mackerel Tournament.

Their 39.76-pound catch was worth a total of $27,565 -- $13,750 for first in the tournament, $4,140 from the tournament within a tournament largest fish and $9,675 from the super tournament within a tournament.

“We’re normally in the position of trying to figure out how to put a 40-pound fish on the board. Today we were trying to figure out how to keep a 40-pounder on the board,” said Capt. Chris Rosengarten, who was the angler. He was joined by his brother Bill Rosengarten, who flew in from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico to fish, along with Ja Malphrus and his father Rob Malphrus, who fished Saturday.

Chris Rosengarten said it was a great feeling when they found out their fish had remained in the top spot, but it was a stressful day. They caught a couple of fish in the 15- to 20-pound range but nothing worth weighing in.

“All day you would see someone hooked up and you would look over your shoulder to see what they were catching. We were by ourselves (Friday) but word got around and there were several boats with us today.

“We stayed out all day. It was better to stay out there than come in and watch everyone else weighing fish. We’ve finished in the top 10, top five, a couple of thirds but we’ve never pulled out a win.”

The top three places remained the same Saturday, with Betty Lou II taking second with a 37.64-pound king mackerel and Fish Hunter earning third with a 36.90-pound catch. Betty Lou won $6,050 while Fish Hunter earned $6,330. Half Mine II, captained by Preston Knight, earned $2,000 for finishing in 20th place as the tournament celebrated its 20th anniversary.

The heaviest king mackerel caught Saturday was a 36.08-pound fish that grabbed fourth place.

This year’s tournament had 125 boats.


Largest Fish

(boat, captain, weight)

1. Stray Dog, Chris Rosengarten, 39.76, $13,750. 2. Betty Lou II, Jared Paulsen, 37.64. 3. Fish Hunter, Melvin Knight, 36.90. 4. No Patience/HCO, Shannon Elias, 36.08. 5. Lik 2 Fish, Mark Droslhagen, 36.04. 6. Mondo, Jeffrey Shuping, 35.20. 7. Pursuit, Dennis Schafer, 34.65. 8. Juggernaut, Bert Harvey, 34.54. 9. Eren’s Addiction Too, Jack Bracewell, 33.89. 10. Knot @ Work, Robert Olsen, 33.75. 11. Todd Baxley, 33.65. 12. Sump ‘M Catchy, Buster Altine, 33.15. 13.In 2 Deep, Kevin O’Neale, 33.12. 14. Susan Elizabeth, Mark Hamner, 33.06. 15. Jaw Breaker, Lon Doles, 31.99. 16. Tailwalker, Stuart Ballard, 31.37. 17. Real Time, Rich Bermudez, 31.26. 18. Ripple Effect, Billy Freeman, 31.21. 19. Part Time, Clay Gallup, 31.03. 20. Half Mine II, Preston Knight, 30.66. 21. Zig Zag, Walicor Ferrell, 30.40. 22. The Blue Bull, David Tomberlin, 30.39. 23. Mangler, Moe Mangan, 29.58. 24. El Zarpe, Jess Fisher, 29.54. 25. Gas Money, James Lane Jr., 29.42. 26. High Maintenance, Danny Boulware, 29.40. 27. Team Sperry/Net Profit, Bryan Baxter, 29.33. 28. 4 My Boys, Bruce Harley, 29.16. 29. Knock Down, Brandon Martin, 28.24. 30. Wrench Money, Nick Kuestad, 28.10.

23-Under Class - Betty Lou II, Jared Paulsen, 37.64, $1,650; Fish Hunter, Melvin Knight, 36.90; In 2 Deep, Kevin O’Neale, 33.12.

TWT Largest Fish – Stray Dog, Chris Rosengarten, 39.76, $4,140; Fish Hunter, Melvin Knight, 36.90; No Patience/HCO, Shannon Elias, 36.08.

TWT Aggregate – No Patience/HCO, Shannon Elias, 69.05, $3,870; Knot @ Work, Robert Olsen, 62.83; Real Time, Rich Bermudez, 62.31.

TWT Super Category – Stray Dog, Chris Rosengarten, 39.76, $9,675.

Wahoo – Seas the Moment, Todd Olds, 54.80, $400.

Lady Angler – No Patience/HCO, Ciara Burns angler, 36.08, $550.

Youth Angler – Sump ‘M Catchy, Tristin Altine, 33.15, $550; Knot @ Work, Andrew Olsen, $275.

Hanckel Prize – Eren’s Addiction Too, Jack Bracewell, 33.89, $550.

Contender Prize – Mondo, Jeffrey Shuping, 35.20, $550.

Early Entry, Betty Lou II, Jared Paulsen, 37.64, $275.