Dangerous killer or upstanding family man?

A Charleston County judge will have to ponder that question in deciding whether to grant bail for an accused gunman charged in a June shootout involving motorcycle clubs that left three men dead at Cycle Gear in North Charleston.

Ronald Reid, 43, of Summerville, is accused of fatally shooting one of those men, 41-year-old Maurice Horry of Columbia. Reid, who was shot in the leg during the incident, has been jailed without bail on a murder charge since his arrest the day after the June 29 brawl at the Dorchester Road motorcycle shop.

Reid’s attorney, Andy Savage, is trying to get the married father of three released on a bond, and a judge is expected to consider his request on Aug. 30.

Savage said his client is a devoted family man, a model citizen and volunteer coach who just happened upon the brawl that day while accompanying a friend to the cycle shop on what he thought was a simple trip to buy a helmet. Reid, who is disabled from heart disease and diabetes, would have been physically unable to join in the fight, he said.

Savage said he hasn’t been provided with the full police file on the investigation but his probe of the incident suggests Reid fired in self-defense when threatened by another man with a gun. Reid had a valid concealed weapons permit, he said.

“That’s why you carry a concealed weapon, to protect yourself and to protect others,” he said. “We have no information from anyone that he was involved in the initial incident or that he fired prior to being shot in the leg.”

Police, however, haven’t confirmed many details or said who fired first. Some of Horry’s relatives have suggested he managed to shoot Reid in the leg after Reid shot him in the chest.

Chief Deputy 9th Circuit Solicitor Bruce DuRant, who is prosecuting the case, said he had just received Savage’s motion Thursday and has not taken a position on the bail request.

North Charleston Deputy Police Chief Scott Deckard said it will be up to the court to determine whether the shooting was a case of self-defense.

“At the point in the investigation when charges were made, the facts discovered and evidence recovered led us to charge Reid with murder,” he said.

Reid was one of three men arrested in the bloody episode, though he is only person to face a murder charge. Barry Stinson, 32, of New London, N.C., and Derryl Gadson, 49, of West Ashley, each face a second- degree assault by mob charge in connection with the fight.

The incident reportedly occurred after two motorcyclists from The Real Kings Motorcycle Club rode up on members of the Wheels of Soul Club, who were having a cookout with affiliates outside a North Charleston auto-detailing shop off Dorchester Road. The Real Kings revved their engines and the display angered the Wheels of Soul crowd.

Police investigators said the Wheels of Soul members, who outnumbered The Real Kings, followed the duo across the street into Cycle Gear.

Words were exchanged. Fists flew. At least two members pulled out guns and fired on each other. Each side has said it was self-defense.

In addition to Horry, gunfire killed Reid’s friend, 36-year-old Theodore Waymyers Jr. of Summerville, and another fellow Wheels of Soul member, 39-year-old Carlos Davis,

Who shot Waymyers and Davis hadn’t been determined.

Savage said Reid, a member of the Wheels of Soul club, is a man “of a high moral character” whose arrest record consists of nothing but a 1990 arrest for disorderly conduct. He is a volunteer at his son’s elementary school and coached soccer, baseball, softball and football teams in the community, according to his motion.

Savage submitted 80 letters from players, friends, neighbors, relatives and others attesting to his character, good deeds and dependability.

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