Emma Talley won the 113th U.S. Women’s Amateur Championship on Sunday at the Country Club of Charleston.

But Charleston, and the country club, came out winners, too.

Ms. Talley, a rising 19-year-old sophomore at the University of Alabama from little Princeton, Ky., was an engaging, deserving victor. She prevailed after a demanding 35-hole test against China’s 17-year-old Yueer Cindy Feng on a hot, muggy day.

However, television viewers saw much more than Ms. Talley’s 2-and-1 triumph (two holes ahead with one to play).

They saw the charming old Seth Raynor Country Club of Charleston course in fine form. And they saw lots of impressive sights — and heard lots of admiring praise — of our community.

Whit Watson, co-host of the Golf Channel’s Women’s Am coverage, told the TV audience: “The harbor city of Charleston’s been a gracious host throughout.”

Co-host Kay Cockerill, who won the Women’s Am in 1986 and ’87, hailed Charleston’s “wonderful historic walks through the town, great restaurants — honestly I think one of the top five cities to visit in the United States. Highly recommended to come here for a vacation.”

Gee, thanks.

But are we really no better than the “top five cities to visit in the United States”?

And if so, could we challenge the other four cities to two rounds of match play each to determine the true champion?