Call this the case of the sorry burglars.

Beer was stolen Tuesday night from a garage in Brickyard Plantation in Mount Pleasant. The management put up a Facebook posting about the break-in Wednesday. The posting noted that the residents had recently installed a security camera that recorded two guys in the act and called police.

Wednesday morning, a case of beer and an apology note showed up in the driveway at the scene of the crime. A scrawl that looks like green paint says: “We are terribly sorry. This will never happen again. We just ask your forgiveness.”

The management noted the apology note in another Facebook posting Thursday.

“The boys apparently think that will get them out of trouble,” management said on Facebook. “I am sorry to say, it won’t.”

The posting also noted that several other garages and cars in Brickyard had been broken into recently.

Mount Pleasant police are investigating. The incident report has been requested.

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