Charleston city officials are understandably getting a little nervous over some racy material that will reportedly appear in the premiere episode of the new CBS legal drama being filmed in Charleston.

Well, what do you expect from a series titled “Reckless”?

According to our news report, the city police department is being portrayed as “corrupt and sex-starved,” and the action includes two officers having sex on the hood of a police car. Hot stuff, particularly if filmed in summer.

A network spokesman emphasizes that the series is fictional, and insists that it will be “fully within the boundaries of all broadcast standards.”

That might provide some reassurance, except that those “boundaries” encompass a broad range of dubious behavior, as even a cursory look at prime time television reveals.

Nevertheless, the filming of “Reckless” will provide significant economic benefits to the Charleston area, and the producers will enjoy the enhanced economic incentives for filming in South Carolina.

And a spokesman for the state Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism said if the city doesn’t like the way it is depicted there is no obligation for the state to continue to support the series’ production.

But why worry?

“They are not about to let anything go out that would run the risk of being classified as obscene content,” PRT spokesman Marion Edmonds told our reporter. Instead, expect lots of shots of the “biggest historical jewel in the nation” that will translate into more tourism dollars.

But viewers won’t be tuning in for a travelogue. What they are promised is a “taboo-busting” series.

A gentleman wearing white bucks after Labor Day?

Now that would be “reckless.”