If I could follow in Arthur Ashe's footsteps and “give back” to tennis, I would make sure that every school has tennis classes and tennis teachers. The teachers would teach the kids about Arthur Ashe. The parents would go to the school board and get the school board to put a tennis class in every school. Playing tennis will help you get very fit. More children will know how to play tennis. The children would learn the strokes and they will learn that playing tennis helps you learn how to take turns and helps you hit will hit the balls. And you will have fun.

I take tennis lessons in Charleston, South Carolina. My lessons are at the Jack Adams tennis courts. We have lessons on Mondays at 5:30 p.m. until 7 p.m. If it rains we can't have the lessons. We get tickets. We win prizes if they call your ticket number. I wish we had a tennis court inside!

If I could follow Arthur Ashe foot step and “give back” to tennis, I would start my own website and have people donate pennies for tennis. Each person would donate 100 pennies a week. The money would be used to build eight tennis courts in the city. More children would be able to play and learn the true meaning of tennis. I would also use the money to buy kids new rackets and new tennis balls and take tennis lessons.

Playing video games is fun. I would create tennis video games. Before you play the game a whole page would tell you about Arthur Ashe. Arthur Ashe was the first African American to win the Grand slam tournament. When you play the game it will teach you how to play tennis. You will also learn about Arthur Ashe. When you hit enough balls you will go to level 4 and play against Venus and Sarina Williams and Rafael Nadel.