A Mount Pleasant employee has admitted to siphoning off more than $50,000 from the town, authorities said.

Candice Bottorff, 65, of Vision Road in Mount Pleasant was arrested Monday and charged with embezzlement of public funds, according to court records. Bottorff, who worked in the human resources department for five years, is accused of stealing $52,239, according to town officials.

Bottorff told Mount Pleasant police she deposited about $800 of the town’s money each month into her personal checking account starting in January 2009, according to an affidavit presented in bond court Monday. She got the money from monthly cash payments by retirees for insurance benefits, according to the affidavit.

Bottorff was fired from her position as a human-resources technician after an audit performed by the town’s finance department and an investigation by the police department, town leaders said.

“Our auditors review our cash handling policies and make recommendations,” Eric DeMoura, the town’s administrator, said in an email statement. “Our annual audits spot-check cash transactions. Yet, despite our fiscal controls, Ms. Bottorff was able to steal funds.”

Insurance will cover the loss, DeMoura said.

“The breach of trust will be harder to repair,” he said. “This person has let the community and her co-workers down and will be held accountable for her actions. The Town of Mount Peasant has NO tolerance for such actions and we plan to prosecute Ms. Bottorff to the full extent of the law.”

Bottorff was expected to be released from the Charleston County jail Monday on a $50,000 personal-recognizance bond.

If convicted, Bottorff faces up to 10 years in prison.

Dave Munday contributed to this report. Reach Natalie Caula at 937-5594 or Twitter.com/ncaula.