Trident Health and St. Francis Hospital fared better for surgery outcomes than other Charleston hospitals in a new set of rankings published in the September edition of Consumer Reports.

But none of area’s facilities ranked very high compared with some other hospitals around South Carolina and the rest of the country.

The new rankings were based on the percentage of Medicare patients who died after surgery and the length of their hospital stays after a procedure.

The magazine used a series of five colored dots to indicate which hospitals had the best outcomes. No hospital in the Lowcountry received a red dot from Consumer Reports, used to mark the top hospitals. Trident Health and St. Francis Hospital both received a white dot, showing outcomes there were about average compared with almost 2,500 other hospitals ranked in the U.S.

The Medical University Hospital fared slightly worse than Trident Health and St. Francis Hospital. Roper Hospital and East Cooper Medical Center both received black dots, the worst possible rating. Roper-owned Mount Pleasant Hospital was not included.

Two Greenville hospitals — Bon Secours St. Francis Health System and Patewood Memorial — were ranked highest in the state. They were the only South Carolina hospitals to get red dots.

Trident Health CEO Todd Gallati said hospital rankings like this one can help patients make informed decisions about where to seek the best care.

“I do think our consumers are pretty savvy,” Gallati said.

The Consumer Reports rankings have drawn criticism from some health care experts for the methodology used to rank the hospitals.

“While we appreciate the intent of the report, it’s important that people know its limitations,” said MUSC spokeswoman Heather Woolwine in a prepared statement. “This report creates a skewed view of academic medical centers whose surgical case numbers are complicated by high rates of urgent and emergency cases and a smaller percentage of elective cases.”

Woolwine also noted that “this report does not paint a full picture of the quality of surgical care available at MUSC” because the data used in the rankings is at least three years old and only culls information from Medicare patients.

The Consumer Reports hospital rankings were published just weeks after U.S. News & World Report released its annual hospital rankings.

According to that study, based on several factors including peer reviews, Medical University Hospital is the No. 1 hospital in South Carolina.

Roper Hospital was ranked No. 4 in the state and St. Francis Hospital was ranked No. 6. Trident Health, East Cooper Medical Center and Mount Pleasant Hospital did not make that list.

None of the hospitals in South Carolina were included in U.S. News & World Report’s annual hospital Honor Roll, ranking the 18 best hospitals in the country.

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