Charleston has the lowest gas prices in the country, according to a nationwide survey of fuel prices.

However, residents in the Holy City may or may not have reason to rejoice the next time they fill up their tank.

The Lundberg Survey released Sunday found that Charleston had the lowest gas prices of the cities surveyed in the lower 48 states, averaging $3.34 for a gallon of regular. Chicago's gas prices were found to be the highest, at $4.10 for a gallon of regular.

According to the gas prices section of The Post and Courier's website, some of the area's cheapest gas can be found on Remount Road in North Charleston.


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The eye-catching, bright orange sign for the Hot Spot gas station at Remount Road and North Murray Drive advertises a price of $3.16 for a gallon of regular gas. Cashier Felicia Wright said Monday that the low gas prices have helped encourage some customer turnout.

“I had a guy earlier that filled up two trucks,” she said.

The Lundberg survey found that the average price of gas in the U.S. has risen eight cents in the past two weeks to $3.67 for a gallon of regular. Midgrade costs $3.85 a gallon, diesel is up to $3.93 a gallon and a gallon of premium averages $3.99.

According to Monday's AAA Daily Fuel Gauge report, updated daily with gas prices from across the country, the average price of a gallon of regular gas in South Carolina was $3.31, lower than the cost found by the Lundberg Survey.

The AAA report had gas prices in the Charleston area, averaging $3.36 for a gallon of regular, as some of the most expensive in the state. Myrtle Beach averaged a price of $3.33 a gallon, Columbia averaged $3.32 a gallon and the Upstate averaged a price of $3.24 a gallon.

Regardless of how the gas prices in Charleston fare against prices in different areas of the state, all of the measured gas prices in S.C. are still well below the national average of $3.63.