— A 2.1 magnitude quake rattled shortly after noon Monday in an area prone to the shakes. Equipment indicated the epicenter was about 4 miles southeast of Summerville.

That small magnitude of a quake can be felt, but often isn’t noticed. It’s been described as a small jolt. Summerville Police and Dorchester County sheriffs deputies reported no calls on the temblor.

The area near the Ashley River is prone to earthquakes; a dozen or more quakes too small to notice happen most years.

“It was nothing out of the ordinary,” said Erin Beutel of the S.C. Earthquake Education and Preparedness program at the College of Charleston.

Last year, a number of small quakes occured within two months of each other in the area along the Ashley River. Multiple faults converge on each other underground there, and it was ground zero for the storied 1886 earthquake that killed more than 100 people and injured some 500. That quake was a 7.3-magnitude temblor.