Shore power clean

In response to the July 14 letter noting that the air was cleaner and it was quieter around the cruise ships dock in Vancouver: In 2009, Port Metro Vancouver became the first port in Canada to install shore power for cruise ships, allowing ships to shut down their diesel engines and connect to a land-based electrical grid while docked.

The costs were shared by the Canadian government, British Columbia Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure, Holland America Line, Princess Cruises, BC Hydro and the port. They won international awards for this effort.

So maybe Charleston leaders could convene a similar group and lead the way for the Southeast coast.

T. L. Herbert

Brantley Drive


Costly intruders

Illegal immigrants are trespassers, forgers, tax evaders and moochers who use our roads, schools and health-care facilities without paying for them. Smugglers who are paid to transport these people here are also criminals. American companies hiring illegals and paying them under the table are criminals.

To grant a pathway toward legal residency for illegals living here is wrong. This approach has failed before and will encourage a flood of new trespassers seeking jobs and benefits.

The only way to stop the flow is to force all illegals to return home and to increase our vigilance against illegal immigration.

Illegals who admit their wrongdoing and return to their home country should have an immediate opportunity to apply for a green card or seek citizenship. Decisions regarding their requests should be prompt.

Our country does need several million immigrant workers to perform farming, construction and service industry jobs. Companies needing immigrant workers should explain their situation; however, it should be recognized that many illegals will not be permitted back in the U.S. because American workers still have unemployment problems.

Our country has several hundred thousand underemployed and unemployed military vets who should be hired to assist illegals in their return to their home countries and to process their applications for legal work permits and immigration. Once the voluntary self-deportation is completed, forced deportation proceeding will then remove those who continue to remain here illegally. Those removed by force will not be allowed to apply for work status or return to the U.S. as visitors.

Our country has been invaded, and great harm has been done. More harm will come unless firm actions are taken against those who do not respect our laws.

Joe Gillespie

N. Lander Lane


Expensive games

The headline in the July 21 paper “Are these school leaders worth it?” should have been over the pictures of the three football coaches in the Sports section.

Dee Ann Kaufman

Wilshire Drive


Rain or shine?

I am confused. The cover story of the July 22 Post and Courier was about extreme flooding in downtown Charleston on July 21. According to the story “more than two inches of rain fell on the peninsula between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m.”

Yet if you look at the amount of rainfall listed at the Customhouse Sunday through 6 p.m. it was 0.00. Silly me, I thought the Customhouse was in downtown Charleston.

In the future, would you put the rain gauge outside so we may have an accurate account of how much rainfall actually fell?

Carol Byrnes

Pierates Cruze

Mount Pleasant

Voter ID needed

Brian Hicks recently referred to Voter ID as being useless or unnecessary.

In the ’80s, when my daughters were in Hanahan High School, we went to the school to vote.

We were band boosters because both girls were in the band, and as luck would have it there was a woman with a name the same as my wife’s. When it came my wife’s turn to vote, she was told, “No, you can’t vote again.”

We finally got it straightened out, but it sure held up the line. I was glad to see the Voter ID law passed.

Charles Owens

Fort Drive


Character witness

Anyone who knows Enrique Graf knows that the malicious lies about him are false. I have know him for 24 years, and when I saw his remarkable talents as a performer and teacher I began to give the College of Charleston money for scholarships and awards. His former students are performing or teaching all over the world.

One wonders where the vendetta against him originated.

No teacher at the college is more admired and respected.

John Zeigler

Wentworth Street


Return to sender

“Today (July 17) in history across the South: 1821 – Spain cedes Florida to U.S.”

Can we cede it back?

A. Thomas Price

Sully Street

Goose Creek