A North Charleston man is being held for a mental evaluation after sheriff’s deputies said he broke into an Awendaw couple’s home, took off his clothes and uttered “everyone is dead.”

The 31-year-old man was taken into protective custody about 3:30 a.m. today, Charleston County Sheriff’s Maj. Jim Brady said. A married couple told deputies that a man broke into their Gadsdenville Road home, went upstairs and undressed in one of their bedrooms.

The naked man asked for a drink of water while muttering about dead people, Brady said.

The woman who lives at the home reported that the man groped her as she led him back downstairs.

The woman noticed the man apparently masturbating in the driveway while she sought help from a relative next door, Brady said.

The woman’s husband held the man in the driveway until deputies arrived.

Authorities determined that the man had rummaged through several vehicles before he broke into the home. Nothing appeared to have been stolen, Brady said.

The man appeared confused and disoriented when questioned by deputies, Brady said. He rambled in made-up languages and provided varying names and dates of birth, he said.

Criminal charges may be filed pending the results of a psychiatric evaluation, Brady said.

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