Mark Clark vote

My job as an elected official is to listen to the people of Charleston County. In fact, my decision to run for Charleston County Council was largely influenced by my desire to hear from Charleston County’s citizens and to use my voice on a larger platform to make their voices heard.

This applies to all decisions I make as a member of council, including my vote in favor of completing the Mark Clark, which I made after careful thought and meetings with my constituents.

The condition requiring the county to make “good faith efforts to evaluate and consider claims made by residents for compensation” was essential for my vote.

The only way I could support the Mark Clark’s completion was to ensure that the impacted citizens could be heard.

To suggest that this condition for my support was insincere is disingenuous at best. The scrutiny from both sides of the spectrum has been intense but I didn’t become a council member because I expected it to be easy.

I applaud County Council Chairman Teddie Pryor for his leadership in handling this incredibly difficult issue, completing the Mark Clark. However, my commitment to the citizens is not predicated on what others think or do, but it is based on my desire to hear the concerns of Charleston County’s citizens and assist them with mitigating potential impacts to their community.

Thank you, Chairman Pryor, for bringing clarification to council’s conditions for approving the Mark Clark. It is important that our citizens know they can approach their county to discuss concerns they may have regarding how the Mark Clark may impact their property which the county should, and can, make right.

Anna B. Johnson

Bridgeview Drive


Ms. Johnson is a member of Charleston County Council.

Picture this

Gov. Nikki Haley’s fine for her ethics violations could have been avoided if she had required her donors to have a valid picture ID.

Jack Owens

Ocean Boulevard

Isle of Palms

Thanks, teacher

Brian Hicks’ description of the Fort Wagner slaughter of black troops under the command of Robert Shaw, calling it Charleston’s Gettysburg, is certainly accurate. The battle was won by the Confederacy but the fort was lost by September.

Union Col. Robert Shaw lost his life, and his body was thrown into a common grave with his lost troops. His parents in Boston turned down an artist’s rendition of their son alone on horseback. Instead the brilliant Augustus Saint-Gauden worked 19 years on the Robert Shaw Memorial of the Massachusetts 54th with troops marching alongside their leader.

It was shown at the Paris Exposition in 1900, and Rodin bowed to its beauty. A replica is at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. We were fortunate to see a replica in Cornish, N.H., where the artist lived his last 10 years.

I found a Robert Shaw School on Mary Street in Charleston. It has quite a history, too. Thank you, Brian Hicks, for a thorough history and wonderful photo of re-enactors.

Martha F. Barkley

Shadowcreek Court


Bill won’t work

I read the interview with Sen. Lindsey Graham in the July 15 paper. I am against the immigration bill. Just enforce the laws that are already in place. However, my main reason for not wanting the bill passed is that this administration does not enforce laws it disagrees with. Thus, the borders will still be like a sieve.

If this law passes, Sen. Schumer will rush to a microphone to proclaim that these poor, put-upon illegal immigrants must now be allowed to vote. If Sens. Graham and John McCain and others like them believe an immigration bill will bring the Republicans more Hispanic votes, they are either delusional or stupid.

Bill Hausler

Out of Bounds Drive


Little Star loses

It really did not require the S.C. Supreme Court to decide what was best for the child. The Capobianco family could have done so; instead they chose self-gratification.

There is no possible way, given the age when she left and her age when she is projected to return to South Carolina, that “Veronica” will remember the Capobianco family. What are they going to say when she cries for days for her daddy and now fully accepted stepmom?

Even worse, how will they respond when Little Star asks, “Why did you take me away from my daddy?” Justice does not require a legal system; it just requires good, caring common sense.

Fred Sales

Lawton Harbor


Painful cuts

The cuts publicized by The Post and Courier to military contractors are the result of pure politics.

Sequestration was aimed to cut less than 2 percent of not the base budget but the increase in the 2013 federal budget. Our nation is over $16.7 trillion in debt.

The administration refused to consider sensibly adjusting where cuts were made and instead wanted to cause significant pain to the public to emphasize that any cuts to spending are not palatable.

The Secretary of Energy has presided over $8 billion to $10 billion of taxpayer dollars wasted on propping up failed green energy projects such as Solyndra ($530 million), Fisker Automobile ($530 million), Sun Power ($1.2 billion), First Solar ($1.5 billion) and Brightsource ($1.6 million).

Not to mention that the IRS spent $50 million on 2012-13 conferences, and the GSA spent $1 million on one conference in Las Vegas last year. Plus $70 million bonuses to be paid out to the IRS union in 2013 while military contractors and airport staff take their lumps.

We, as taxpayers and funders of this unacceptable behavior, should be questioning the Obama administration.

But I guess Jerry Springer, Oprah, “The View,” “The Bachelorette/Bachelor,” “Big Brother,” the Zimmerman trial, Facebook, Twitter, etc., are our moral compasses.

Oh well, another day, another disaster, soon to be forgotten.

William Rickards

Ashley Hill Drive

Goose Creek

Poor park plan

Recently, The Post and Courier reported on the city’s plan to construct a public facility containing a boat launch, a fishing pier and sand beach area under the North Bridge over the Ashley River. The person who planned this must never use the bridge.

Accidents and stalled traffic are inevitable. A similar plan years ago led to the million-dollar construction of entry and exit ramps at the popular Wappoo boat landing. Depending on which way you wanted to go, drivers could enter or exit easily, but not both. If a new park is completed, traffic on the North Bridge will become a nightmare.

Robert Jaeger

Bainbridge Drive


Who started it?

Barry Bonds’ baseball records will be forever tainted by his alleged steroid use. Michael Vick went to jail for three years for killing dogs.

But George Zimmerman was acquitted of second-degree murder for taking the life of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. Something is seriously wrong with this picture.

Zimmerman was clearly the aggressor when he chose to follow Trayvon Martin in the gated community where Trayvon’s father lives. The last words heard from Trayvon were that “a creepy” man was following him.

Zimmerman violated one of the basics of a neighborhood watch volunteer program — to observe and report, not observe and follow.

E. Michael Bonaparte

Kenilworth Avenue


Paved ‘Greenway’

It’s official. The West Ashley Greenway is now another hot, black asphalt road complete with stop signs and road markings.

And I quote Joni Mitchell:

“They paved paradise

And put up a parking lot.”

Leisa Lawrence

Sheridan Road