Charleston County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $150,000 or more and recorded between June 24-28.


Alan K. and Janet L. Eustace sold 7858 Pelican Bay Road, Bulls Bay Overlook to Larry J. Frick Jr. and Christine R. Frick for $465,000.


23 Queen Street LLC sold Unit E, 23 Queen St. to Xavier Cervera for $350,000.

Knico LLC and Colin Knight Colbert sold Unit A, 79 Society St. to Alfred L. and Michele M. Turco for $450,000.

Nancye B. Starnes sold Unit 5W, 2 Wharfside St., Laurens Place to Hans J. Lange and Maria Del Consuelo Q. Lange for $1.9 million.

Property Works 2 LLC sold Unit 5, 9 West St., Trinity Place to Mary Cahill for $207,000.

William G. and Connie L. McElhaney sold Unit 4G, 14 Lockwood Drive, Ashley House to Marion B. Hook Jr. and Karen I. Hook for $262,500.

McKinney Family Properties LLC sold Unit 32, 18 Corinne St. to William D. and Amy J. Bragunier for $475,000.

Ram and Ayala Kalus sold Unit 3, 517 King St., King Street Lofts to Simone Gabrielle Colquitt for $542,000.

Ramon Matawaran sold Unit A, 232 Ashley Ave. to 232-Ashley LLC for $287,500.

Natalka Daria Stachiw sold 10 Dingle St. to Frederick W. Kiser and Candace Marie Patterson for $200,000.

Peter Denis Birch sold 45 Anson St. to Jerry B. and Mary L. Flowers for $1.2 million.

Katherine I. Thrash sold 49 Radcliffe St. to Reginald P. Brown IV for $455,000.

Rica Properties LLC sold 511 King St. to JFRONE LLC for $1.3 million.

George T. Keller III sold 64 Maple St. to The Clairian LLC for $375,000.

Dan A. and Gwen E. Chianella sold 7 Kennedy Court to William and Barbara Hancock for $300,000.

Folly Beach

Noel H. and Robert M. Kunes sold 1414 E. Ashley Ave. to Nicholas G. Theos for $947,500.

Isle of Palms

Matt J. Stimac sold Unit R-B412, 5802 Palmetto Drive, The Village at Wild Dunes to Michael D. and Barbara A. Fowler for $285,000.

John P. and Joyce A. Petzold sold 14 Lake Village Lane, Lake Village to Samuel A. and Tasha S. Agnew for $505,000.

William R. and Barbara B. Brown sold 16 Lake Village Lane, Lake Village to Morton B. and Melinda P. Morgenstern for $513,000.

Paul and Denise Duffy sold 32 Pelican Reach, Wild Dunes to William T. and Melba J. McCurry for $565,000.

John William Casey sold 811 Palm Blvd. to Robert L. Irvine III and Kelly Irvine for $1.2 million.

James Island

Kristen L. Payne sold Unit 401, 1025 Riverland Woods Place, The Retreat at Riverland to Rachel E. and Denise M. Crawford for $157,000.

Teri and Susan Horihan sold 1162 Landsdowne Drive, Landsdowne to Thomas Nadelhoffer for $165,000.

Carolyn Hopkins sold 1227 Lighthouse Blvd., Lighthouse Point to Carolyn Hopkins and Charles A. Pfaff Jr. for $175,000.

Susan Stein sold 1359 Tidal Creek Cove, Seaside Estates on Seaside Plantation to Harvey and Cynthia Greene for $399,000.

Stephen E. and Seham Lewis sold 1433 Wexford Sound Drive, Wexford Sound to Brandon T. Shipp for $250,000.

Erin and Perry B. Whittington IV sold 1577 Ocean Neighbors Blvd., Ocean Neighbors to Laura B. and Bryan L. Taylor for $250,000.

Matthew Bredhoff sold 1628 Teal Marsh Road, Riverfront to Todd Messer for $256,500.

Kirk and Janet J. Kubista sold 1659 Back Creek Road, The Village at Secessionville to Frank A. McMahon and Georgette M. Smith for $350,000.

Alice Jeannette Salley sold 2075 St. James Drive, Riverland Terrace to Amber N. Dove for $175,000.

Alan H. Edwards Jr. and Alice J. Edwards sold 24 Wyecreek Ave., Cross Creek to Matthew Charles Erickson and Andrew Mark Shiels for $249,000.

AandM Real Estate Management LLC sold 645 Regina St., Clearview to Brian S. and Betsy J. Furukawa for $320,000.

Carolina Child Care Properties LLC sold 726 Folly Road, Bay Front to 726 Folly Road LLC for $975,000.

John L. and Lydia E. Cook sold 812 Harbor Place Drive, Harbor Place to Aaron J. and Dana M. Huber for $235,000.

Anne Marie Frawley sold 893 Regatta Road, Harbor Woods to Phyllis G. Jestice for $392,500.

Shealy G. Pendarvis Jr. and Mary R. Pendarvis sold 936 Kushiwah Creek Drive, Stiles Point Plantation to Joshua P. and Julie T. Hall for $425,000.

Johns Island

Eastwood Construction LLC sold 1222 Updyke Drive, Swygert’s Landing to Eric R. and Pamela J. Hastings for $302,765.

Benjamin and Patricia C. Roth sold 1479 Headquarters Plantation Drive, Headquarters Island Plantation to Ronnie E. Wright for $720,000.

Mungo Homes Coastal Divison LLC sold 1810 Towne St., The Cottages at John’s River Creek to Alicia M. and Michael Crosby for $209,600.

Marlena and Daniel L. Longworth sold 2036 Chilhowee Place, Staffordshire to Jonathan E. and Kendra A. Botstein for $205,000.

William S. Anderson III and John F. Anderson sold 2167 River Road, Waterloo Plantation to Southern Cross Financial LLC for $570,000.

Kari S. Cerato sold 2690 Burden Creek Road, Stono Pointe to Kathleen K. and Carroll L. Ayers for $577,000.

Kiawah Island

Jack E. and Mary L. Conn sold 5551 Green Dolphin Way, Turtle Cove Villas to Joseph A. and Pamela D. Buongiorno for $435,000.

George R. and Vickie S. Fritsche sold 40 Atlantic Beach Court, Turtle Cove Villas to Albert J. Becker Jr. and Rosemarie Becker for $290,000.

Virginia Constance Knecht sold 21 Bufflehead Drive, Egret Pintail to Benjamin J. Willenbecher for $1.8 million.

Nancy Royal sold 25 Eugenia Ave. to Stephen J. and Kathleen B. Fish for $4.2 million.

Randall G. and Robin L. Norris sold 91 Surfsong Road, Plantation Woods South to Gary R. Bertrand for $4.5 million.

Daniel G. Jarvis Jr. sold 96 Governors Drive, Marsh Island Woods to 96 Governor’s Drive LLC for $175,000.


The Ryland Group Inc. sold 3713 Raddison Lane, Wellborn Village to Edward R. and Jean A. Moulton for $176,404.

Mount Pleasant/ East Cooper

Thomas A. and Corinne M. Bartolec sold Unit 55, 149 Fresh Meadow Lane, Egret’s Walk to Peggy Y. Nelson for $325,000.

FT Services LLC sold Unit 302, 465 Coleman Blvd. to West Coleman Offices LLC for $720,000.

Kenneth N. and Johanna M. Robbins sold 2003 Basildon Road, The Battery at Park West to Clifford W. and Cynthia L. Schweinfest for $164,000.

Victor O’Neal Roof Jr. and Kelli Ann Roof sold Unit 111, 1669 Marsh Harbor Lane, Toler’s Cove to Walter M. and Nancy B. Kohn for $265,000.

Wells Fargo Bank sold Unit 101, 3015 Dunes West Blvd., The Commons at Dunes West to Francis J. Berger III and Cynthia M. Berger for $270,000.

Eileen M. Vaughan sold Unit 3, 1148 Village Creek Lane, Village Creek to Janet Fryman Davis and William F. Fryman for $165,000.

Joyce L. Hassell sold 1141 Willoughby Lane, Churchill Park to Sonny M. Perry Jr. and June Perry for $278,000.

Charles D. and Lisa R. Hill sold 1177 Colfax Court, The Preserve at Brickyard Plantation to Jennifer McKee and Frank Williams for $325,000.

JW Homes LLC sold 1186 Ayers Plantation Way, The Harbour to Neva Kyser for $431,945.

Brock and Janet Collins sold 1208 Winding Ridge Court, Water’s Edge to American Homes 4 Rent Properties Three LLC for $265,000.

Damion and Lynda Strommer sold 1246 Llewellyn Road, Chelsea Park to English A. Burton for $315,000.

Heather L. and Losse F. Knight III sold 1268 Wild Olive Drive to Jane S. and Francis F. Talbot for $390,000.

Patrick E. and Judy E. Talbott sold 1283 Porchers Bluff Road, Yaugh Hall to St. Peter’s Church for $650,000.

Pulte Home Corp. sold 1340 Scott’s Creek Circle, Scott’s Creek to Khanh D. and Minthu T. Nguyen for $675,856.

David N. and Sallie E. Smith sold 1352 Langford Road, Shellpoint to Goodwillie Management LLC for $150,000.

Frederick C. Baker and Hiroko Yanagida sold 1379 Southlake Drive, Lakeshore to Jan D. Clouse for $367,500.

Nancy C. Ledford sold 140 Fair Sailing Road, Egret’s Walk to Laurie MacGregor and Kurt Feuer for $327,500.

Ross L. Curnett sold 1446 Appling Drive, Shellpoint to John L. and Carrie B. Messal for $450,000.

Brent E. and Christa A. Kahuda sold 1448 Pocahontas St., Osceola Heights to Nick A. Collins Jr. for $390,000.

Thomas E. Hamer Jr. sold 1496 Mataoka St., Osceola Heights to Michael P. Leddy for $235,000

Robert and Janet Winch sold 1501 Red Drum Road, Rivertowne Country Club to Kelly I. Culler III and Addie Z. Culler for $650,000.

Nancy N. Reynolds sold 1508 Village Square, North Point to Gino and Mary Anacleto for $387,537.

Keith and Virginia Berg sold 1551 Capel St., Masonborough at Park West to Mario A. and Rocio Y. Trevino for $580,000.

Donald Moody sold 1605 Thomas Barksdale Way, Foxmoor to Ylva Norell and Frederick Blinn for $253,000.

Thomas L. and Amy C. Willis sold 189 North Shelmore Blvd., I’On to Kerry R. and Lauren B. Davis for $920,000.

David and Beverly O’Donnell sold 1917 Bristle Pine Court, Thornwood to James J. and Patricia Farrell for $370,000.

Weldon Schenck sold 1970 Twickenham Place, Longpoint to Daniel C. Bowman and Kristen Chabala for $295,000.

L.E. Kornahrens Jr. sold 2012 Arundel Place, Longpoint to Karen E. Spain and Andrew D. Dombrowski for $277,500.

Gregory T. Boyette sold 2048 Fort Bliss Court, Quail Hollow to James M. Fleming for $235,000.

James B. and Kari A. Ryan sold 215 6th St., Scanlonville to Benjamin R. and Elana N. Wells for $290,000.

Robert J. Tutela Jr. and Dana M. Tutela sold 2156 Beckenham Drive, Masonborough at Park West to Thomas H. and Cheryl F. Milligan for $1 million.

Kevin M. and Kristin T. Berry sold 2212 Beckenham Drive, Masonborough at Park West to Daniel A. and Lee Nodes for $550,000.

Satyajit P. and Geetika J. Phanse sold 225 Mossy Oak Way, The Courtyard at Belle Hall Plantation to Kevin L. and Kathleen A. Edenborough for $236,500.

Bette and Gerald T. Rials sold 227 Historic Drive, Rice Bay at Belle Hall Plantation to Eugene G. and Shannon C. Beckman for $263,000.

Frances M. Horton sold 243 Molasses Lane, Hobcaw Point to Anne M. and Whitney B. Parnell for $464,000.

Port City Homes LLP sold 2483 Worthington Drive, Indigo Chase to Charles M. and Rachel G. Kuhl for $508,500.

Warren D. Stidham Jr. and Michele C. Stidham sold 2664 Palmetto Hall Blvd., Palmetto Hall at Dunes West to Shannon K. Luther for $280,000.

Peter J. and Pamela F. Loverso sold 2788 Latrobe Court, Carolina Isle to George A. and Melissa E. Gaillardetz for $410,000.

JW Homes LLC sold 3033 River Vista Way, The Harbour at Dunes West to Thomas V. and Lori A. Winkler for $599,900.

Dorothy M. Robbins sold 307 Shoals Drive, Grassy Creek to Fabien L. Salmon and Paula S. Ramos for $452,000.

Rosalie W. and G. Millard Simmons sold 3165 Grass Marsh Drive, Whispering Marsh at Dunes West to Thomas S. and Patricia R. Bigelow for $429,900.

Beazer Homes Corp. sold 3539 Franklin Tower Drive, Lieben Park to Reginald D. and Yvette E. Aaron for $276,990.

Beazer Homes Corp. sold 3580 Locklear Lane, Lieben Park to Richard G. and Lisa M. Puckett for $292,935.

The Ryland Group Inc. sold 3607 Shutesbury St., Carolina Park to Kelly T. Campbell for $359,924.

Jennifer G. McKee sold 3616 Billings St., Madison at Hamlin Plantation to Donald J. and Shawn A. Bell-Martini for $240,000.

William C. McIntire IV and Brenda E. Holloman sold 3643 Coastal Crab Road, Darrell Creek Plantation to James M. Brewer for $210,900.

Weekley Homes LLC sold 3645 Maidstone Drive, Carolina Park to Mark R. and Patricia A. Fuchs for $397,837.

JW Homes LLC sold 4070 Blackmoor St., Waverly at Hamlin Plantation to Reginald H. and Jamie S. Blynn for $667,308.

Mary Lou H. Smith sold 4461 Hartford Village Way, Hartford Village at Dunes West to Merlin E. Beatty Jr. and Mary B. Beatty for $439,000.

Dobson Homes LLC sold 477 Bramson Court, Moultrie Park to Kyle J. and Erin J. Starck for $408,950.

Larry W. and Kathy K. Feil sold 538 Blackstrap Retreat, Molasses Creek to Mary L.H. and Milon C. Smith for $515,000.

M. Louisa Storen sold 565 Hidden Blvd., Hidden Cove to Nicholas S. and Michelle W. Miles for $335,000.

Hedgepath Properties LLC sold 630 Pitt St. to James G. and Ann W. Calhoun for $690,000.

Harryette G. Berry sold 703 Gate Post Drive, Old Village Landing to Chad R. and Elisabeth H. Vranich for $500,000.

Shane E. and Tammy M. Swanson sold 727 Gate Post Drive, Old Village Landing to Carolina Cottage Homes LLC for $160,500.

Carl A. and Racinda R. Chave sold 733 Ginglis Way, Glenlake to Jeffrey N. and Jessica A. Stein for $327,000.

North Charleston

River View Office Building sold 4016 Salt Pointe Parkway to ET Charleston ENG LLC for $2.2 million.

Tiffany N. Griles sold 2411 Thoreau Lane, University Park to American Homes 4 Rent Properties Three LLC for $153,000.

Mark Augur sold 2449 Bengal Road, Northwood Estates to Broderick Seay for $177,000.

Kenneth Ososki sold 4340 Bream Road, Evanston Estates to Walter A. Johnson II for $177,000.

Steven C. and Rebecca P. King sold 4526 Paramount Drive, Wando Woods to Dawn M. Simonsen for $189,000.

Robert F. Graf Jr. sold 4740 O’Hear Ave. to South Ada Properties LLC for $307,049.

Matthew K. Kirk sold 5132 East Liberty Park Circle, Oak Terrace Preserve to Sean C. and Haley R. Ilgen for $153,000.

Michael D. and Janet E. Robinson sold 8205 Little Sydneys Way, Baker Plantation to Joshua P. Mockler for $165,000.

Donald A. and Bonnie T. Hawley sold 8620 Madelyn St., Hollow Oaks to James Brown III for $150,000.

Dana M. Youngwall and Carol A. Jensen sold 9144 Delancey Circle, The Elms to Linda P. Case and Lindsay N. Koeper for $192,000.

Seabrook Island

Rebecca Feathers Turck sold 3705 Seabrook Island Road to Jeffrey and Isabel Kramer for $1.4 million.

Sullivan’s Island

Barbara H. Langston sold 1734 Thompson Ave. to Peter W. and Nathalie F. Naylor for $1.6 million.

Ronald B. Addlestone sold 2902 Brownell Ave. to Janet M. Millimet for $1.7 million.


Eastwood Construction LLC sold 612 Wynfield Forest Drive, Wynfield Forest to Bernadette Whaley for $195,185.

West Ashley/ St. Andrews

Catharine G. L. and Jeffrey T. Stover sold 1517 Gator Track, Hunt Club to Richard M. and Kanhaka Wcislak for $315,000.

John J. and Joan C. Fischer sold 2528 Rutherford Way, Essex Farms of Carolina Bay to Alton L. Teasley for $286,000.

Evan and Jennifer Harris sold 103 Tall Oak Ave., Ashley Forest to Katharine Cray DuPont for $247,500.

Gregory Cook sold 12 Hunters Forest Drive, Shadowmoss to Jacob M. Scott for $240,000.

Beazer Homes Corp. sold 1205 Topside Drive, Bolton’s Landing to Gordon W. Maier and Denise V. Timm for $251,820.

Beazer Homes Corp. sold 1221 Topside Drive, Bolton’s Landing to Melissa M. Varner for $202,375.

John K. and Mary G. Durkee sold 1226 White Tail Path, Hunt Club to Gulsen and Justin J. Saffel for $295,000.

Portia H. Cornwell sold 1331 Old Towne Road, Old Towne Acres to Chad M. Perkins for $167,000.

Douglas M. and Lena B. Thomas sold 1400 W. Lenevar Drive to Valerie Vanis Yielding for $195,000.

Douglas H. Peacock sold 143 Shadowmoss Parkway, Dunwoody at Shadowmoss Plantation to Joanna and Jeffrey C. McAtee for $317,500.

Beazer Homes Corp. sold 1615 Seabago Drive, Bolton’s Landing to Mark G. and Katie C. Manhard for $208,825.

Beazer Homes Corp. sold 1631 Seabago Drive, Bolton’s Landing to Brian R. and Megan K. Debolt for $224,312.

Shyler Lee Neveaux sold 1684 Southport Drive, Ashley Harbor to Bridgette F. Blankenship and Jerry Fairchild for $345,000.

James E. Boatwright III and Carol B. Boatwright sold 17 Glenkirk Drive, Dunvegan at Shadowmoss to Tyler F. and Kaili K. Clark for $275,000.

Centex Homes sold 1850 Gammon St., Creekside of Carolina Bay to Victoria J. Thornton for $260,595.

John L. Marshall IV sold 19 Darcy Court, Shadowood at Shadowmoss Plantation to Benjamin M. and Jennifer M. Brown for $182,000.

Todd D. and Katherine A. Heath sold 214 N. Ainsdale Drive, Ainsdale at Shadowmoss Plantation to Corey and Brittany Haun for $300,000.

Michael B. McCall II sold 215 Magnolia Road, Ashley Forest to Carmen Schumacher for $222,500.

Ronald B. and Guy L. Talent sold 2203 Glendale Drive, Springfield to Jesse Lee for $187,750.

Benjamin B. Spell sold 225 Curtiss Ave., Air Harbor to Meridith Greer Gunter for $175,000.

Brian R. and Stacy D. Forrester sold 2431 Shiraz Lane, Essex Farms of Carolina Bay to Sean P. Gribben for $275,000.

Ashley N. Miller sold 2846 S. Palmer Drive, Drayton on the Ashley to Matthew R. and Amanda W. Peebles for $245,000.

Beazer Homes Corp. sold 2937 Red Sky Drive, Bolton’s Landing to Matthew W. and Suzanne A. Woolever for $195,135.

Samuel N. and June E. Furr sold 31 Johnson Road, The Crescent to Mat317 LLC for $1.2 million.

C. Steven Moskos sold 359 Canterbury Road, West Parkwood Estates to Carla Elizabeth Owens for $250,000.

Grant T. and Rebecca A. Cherrington sold 387 Twelve Oaks Drive, Autumn Chase to Valeria Robertson and Thomas Orr II for $220,000.

Abdussamed and Nurgun Kose sold 41 Arabian Drive, Marsh Cove to Federal National Mortgage Association for $188,152.

Manorhouse Builders of SC Leading LLC sold 4144 Veritas St., Ashley Park to Joshua D. Sarver for $169,460.

Grant M. and Alison Belleau sold 428 Cabrill Drive, Moss Creek at Grande Oaks to Kenneth L. and Julie Smith for $222,500.

Jonathan D. Caton sold 5 Dunvegan Drive, Dunvegan at Shadowmoss to Paul W. and Sarah S. Moody for $268,000.

Richard L. and Debbie J. Miler sold 50 Yeadon Ave., Byrnes Down to Gibbon S. Miler for $200,000.

Sarah E. Raley Ramberan sold 603 Carters Grove Road, Magnolia Lakes to Tara Holdings LLC for $194,000.

Rebecca L. Murray Cain sold 713 Hunt Club Run, Hunt Club to Margaret Anne Frizelle for $312,500.

Michael and Jessica Haselden sold 729 Bent Hickory Road, Mount Royall to American Homes 4 Rent Properties Three LLC for $186,925.

Leslie Claire Murchison sold 750 Certificate Court, Grand Oaks Townhomes to William J. and Kathleen Pearson for $150,000.

Berkeley County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $150,000 or more and recorded between June 17-21.


Crescent Homes SC LLC sold 438 Nelliefield Trail, Nelliefield Plantation to Matthew Scott Owenby for $283,723.

CF Associates LLC sold 207 Rice Mill Place, Nelliefield Plantation to Trevor D. and Laura F. Bogan for $218,000.

Daniel Island

Deborah Davidson sold 2005 Pierce St. to John J. and Cherie Y. Burke for $376,000.

Pulte Home Corp. sold 1470 Wando Landing St., Old Landing at Smythe Park to Panagiotis Peidis and Jamila Zaidane for $589,000.

Aldo and Jennifer Bassi sold Unit 2202, 130 River Landing Drive, Daniel Landing Condos to Dennis R. Bailey for $168,000.

Cline Construction LLC sold 1691 Pierce St., Smythe Park to William Fish and Kyle McLain Marsteller for $650,000.

Linda L. and Theodore W. Frank sold Unit 407, 135 Pier View St. Courtney Zalinski for $189,000.

Stewart Lindsay Gould sold 1545 Mitchell Wharf St., Old Landing at Smythe Park to Todd M. Weschler and Rya Kaplan for $885,000.

Goose Creek

Helen and Beng H. Ho sold 105 Abbey Lane, Crowfield to Kimberly Ofelia Aguirre and Rita Ann Raymond for $279,000.

Ryland Group Inc. sold 526 Nandina Drive, Liberty Village to Kimberly K. Lentz for $244,830.


The Ryland Group Inc. sold 8012 Seastar Lane, Tanner Plantation to Amanda N. and Bradley T. Fender for $268,713.

Moncks Corner

DR Horton Inc. sold 107 Carolina Wren Ave., Cypress Ridge to Gordon Reed Ashworth for $290,000.

Joseph and Nancy Franck Mirenda sold 1101 Waterside Blvd., Pimlico to Melanie and Frank Wyndham for $187,500.

Mark and Christine Hill sold 322 Lakewind Drive, Moss Grove Plantation to Nickolas David and Mary Allison Kelley for $168,000.

Beazer Homes Corp. sold 205 Oglethorpe Circle, Cypress Manor to Alyshia Forrester and David L. Jackson for $180,307.

Weekley Homes LLC sold 306 Fox Ridge Lane, Foxbank Plantation to Michael P. Sample for $245,981.

Weekley Homes LLC sold 353 Fox Ridge Lane, Foxbank Plantation to David Guzman and Amber Santiago for $205,000.

Weekley Homes LLC sold 103 Ricewood Lane, Foxbank Plantation to Cathleen A. Dotson for $274,130.


Centex Homes sold 223 Decatur Drive, Cane Bay to Andrew Joseph and Jamie Lynn Flocchini for $271,915.

Jeffrey E. and Christine E. Loomis sold 383 Decatur Drive, Cane Bay to Robert W. and Donna M. Valenca for $240,000.

Beazer Homes Corp. sold 314 Mossy Wood Road, Felder Creek to Mark Raymond and Stefanie Ann Goodrich for $180,585.

Beazer Homes Corp. sold 312 Mossy Wood Road, Felder Creek to Anthony S. Kalafus for $165,860.

Raymond and Wanda Goss sold 210 Moss Court, Cypress Point Plantation to Malinda L. and James S. McGuffin for $294,000.

William Alfred and Gloria Jean Roys sold 174 Schooner Bend Ave., Cane Bay to Stanley and Rosanna Mielcarek for $243,000.

Dorchester County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $150,000 or more and recorded between June 17-21.


Centex Homes sold 9711 Short Creek Drive, McKewn Plantation to Vincent L. and Hope T. Hopkins for $187,910.

Centex Homes sold 4842 Pitkin Ave., McKewn Plantation to Susan M. Hardee for $187,865.

Centex Homes sold 4802 Newkirk St., McKewn Plantation to Daniel Alvarado Torres for $219,540.

Sean Eric Rubendall sold 227 Towering Pine Drive, Summerhaven to Patricia A. and John A. Sutherland for $175,000.

North Charleston

David H. and Jasmine R. Donovan sold 8612 Kennestone Lane, Whitehall to Lindsey J. Gobbe for $225,000.

Andreas J. and Kristine S. Brockmann sold 8795 East Fairway Woods Circle, Coosaw Creek Country Club to Drew C. and Holly B. Meadows for $403,500.

Andy Matthew and Asha Chanai Kin sold 5460 Charleywood Landing, Taylor Plantation to Jason P. Pekas for $212,000.

Denise Stewart sold 4244 Persimmon Woods Drive, Coosaw Creek Country Club to James B. and Jennifer L. Fife for $450,000.

Julian R. Buddin sold 4400 Wild Thicket Lane, Coosaw Creek Country Club to Susan H. Brogan for $390,000.

The Ryland Group Inc. sold 8448 Middle River Way, Taylor Plantation to Mark D. and Alana M. Benischek for $250,000.

Paul G. and Joyce W. Evers sold 8705 Chamblee Court, Whitehall to John E. and Crystal M. Moore for $300,000.


Amanda S. and Amanda Diestro sold 303 Eagle Ridge Road, Bridges of Summerville to Susan West for $161,000.

Amy L. Simmons sold 5283 Alpine Drive, The Summit to Gerald R. and Joanna J. Palmer for $390,000.

Brian E. and Dena K. Hoffman sold 9204 Creedmoore Road, Wescott Plantation to James A. and Pamela J. Strohm for $227,000.

Byron L. and Pamala S. Bass sold 1026 Mount Whitney Drive, The Summit to Brian L. and Sarah Riedel for $445,000.

Charles J. and Evelyn M. Chirila sold 102 Back Tee Circle, Legend Oaks Plantation to Willard Benton and Tammy Reed Johns for $222,500.

Clayton L. Thornton sold 519 West Carolina Ave., Carolina to Alicia Lopez and Tristan Floyd for $272,000.

Dan Ryan Builders South Carolina LLC sold 5015 Wartrace Court, River Birch to Lashonda A. and Jahmal R. Thompson for $255,575.

Dan Ryan Builders South Carolina LLC sold 1082 Blockade Runner Parkway, River Birch to Robert and Kimberly G. Ayers for $282,955.

David M. and Jessica E. Nothmann sold 205 Caveson Drive, Huntington Farms to Michael D. and Jennifer F. Brenner for $448,000.

Dirk Hobbs sold 2031 Thornhill Drive, Ashborough West to Anthony J. and Aubri E. Beard for $217,000.

Douglas M. and Laura M. Cressman sold 121 Hanging Moss Road, Legend Oaks Plantation to Henry W. and Carolyn J. Kraichely for $291,000.

Douglas T. Steidl sold 2019 Asher Loop, Legend Oaks Plantation to Joseph W. and Misty R. Alford for $185,000.

Dustin T. and Cassandra E. Brisson sold 86 Creek Bend Drive, Bridges of Summerville to Andrew Neal and Kendall M. Hyatt for $178,000.

Gary Lee Becker sold 111 Dunmow Drive, Briarwood to Kelly S. Baptist for $158,900.

Jason R. and Elizabeth A. Evans sold 2034 Asher Loop, Legend Oaks Plantation to Tracy D. Rogers for $195,000.

Jayne Goldman sold 312 Middleton Blvd., Ashborough East to Jon E. and Janice W. Settlemoir for $329,500.

John A. Thomas sold 619 Grassy Hill Road, Blackberry Creek to David J. and Michelle L. Norwood for $183,000.

Kathleen A. and Stanley L. Riegel sold 114 Ashford Circle, Summerville Crossing to Loyd Edward Infinger for $156,500.

Kathy Pauley Chandler sold 220 Eagle Ridge Road, Bridges of Summerville to Andres R. and Juana Garza for $157,000.

Matthew G. and Angela M. Brooks sold 4833 Cherry Blossom Drive, Meadows Farm at Wescott to Ryan S. and Lauren M. Carroll for $170,000.

Michael J. and Lisa Mahoney sold 491 Barfield Drive, Walnut Farms to Charles J. Chirila and Matthew D. Easley for $515,000.

Michael K. and Sofia Mazell sold 107 Oak Village Lane, Oak Village to Terry J. and Katherine E. Hensley for $400,000.

MLJ LLC sold 1015 Victoria Pointe Lane, Victoria Pointe to Edward G. and Beth E. Yeash for $226,970.

MLJ LLC sold 1021 Victoria Pointe Lane, Victoria Pointe to Michael E. and Mevelyn E. Williams for $238,704.

The Ryland Group Inc. sold 4003 Chadford Park Drive, Victoria Pointe to Traci L. Maloney for $235,000.

Myers Mill LLC sold 1224 Cosmos Road, Myers Mill to Brian M. and Evan Kathryn Anderson for $199,670.

Nathan T. Masdon sold 9208 Creedmoore Road, Wescott Plantation to Ronnie L. Jones for $192,000.

Ronald W. and Linda J. Baker sold 4805 Cimmeron Court, Heritage Park to Ricardo Sibilla Agnelli and Mayra Ribeiro Passafini for $257,800.

Steven Earl and Jeffrey Eugene Bergen sold 1 Bergen Road, Orchard Hill to Vincent H. Romeo for $167,000.

The Ryland Group Inc. sold 1031 Victoria Pointe Lane, Victoria Pointe to Mason G. and Alexa K. Green for $254,833.

Travis W. and Minde L. Wheeler sold 101 Back Tee Circle, Legend Oaks Plantation to Joshua and Sarah E. Coyle for $206,000.

Willard Benton and Tammy Reed Johns sold 4818 Little School Court, Wescott Plantation to John DiFrancesco for $286,000.