If there is one thing new Sculpture in the South Director Jim Reaves is sure of, it’s that the Summerville arts group still has some lift left in it.

And among several suggestions, the group is dangling the possibility of a statue of an iconic town figure as a way to spark interest and raise money.

“We know how to put on a show,” Reaves said at a membership meeting, responding to concerns and criticism he has heard in the past few days. “We haven’t lost money on a show in quite a while.”

A group of nearly 20 Sculpture in the South members gathered Wednesday night at the Azalea Hut to discuss new plans for the group moving forward.

Ideas for events and projects were pitched, including the possibility of a statue of John McKissick, Summerville High School’s 86-year-old football coach getting ready to begin his 62nd season. A location outside the football stadium was suggested.

Reaves, who took the reins of the group officially on Thursday, said the group will continue as planned, after a reorganization that will take it back to its roots.

“People that I’ve talked to are of the opinion that we are going to go forward and have a show and sale next year,” Reaves said.

The next revenue request for the group will be for a share of the town’s hospitality accommodations tax, somewhere between $25,000 and $35,000, similar to the amounts it has received in the past.

The project Sculpture in the South will continue to do is the Birds In Residence in downtown Summerville, which already has a list of 20 or so bird sculptures to be built. Three are ready or already in place, and the bird species and tally will increase in time.

“I’ve got more than that in my yard,” Reaves said.

The biggest emphasis of the meeting was a need to connect better with the community. The education and cultural experiences, many members said, are the key functions of the group, and Sculpture in the South has to be the catalyst.

“You can’t just measure the good we do with a number,” member Julie Hucks said.

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