Amid bright lights, amped-up speakers and all the lemonade you could drink, the young girls showed what they had learned in a week of practice on drums, bass, guitar and keyboards.

Shout outs to pets, a glitter bomb and a curtsey were part of the mix as the bands played. Enthusiastic family and friends cheered the fledgling performers at the Girls Rock Showcase on Saturday at the Music Farm.

The audience included Elisabeth Kryway, who waited eagerly for her daughter’s debut in the band, Fantastic Four. Emma, 12, would play drums.

“It just brings out a whole new artistic side of her. I’m so proud of her,” Kryway said.

She and some of the other adults wore earplugs to protect against the volume. The event was for Girls Rock Charleston, a one-week summer day camp held at Palmetto Scholars Academy.

Many of the players had picked up their instruments for the first time. The bands had names like Neon Fire, Glitter Ninjas and The Mystical Bloody Rainbows.

During an interlude, camp staffers led the audience in “punk rock aerobics.” The exercise included vigorous air drumming and air guitar playing.

And then Fantastic Four took the stage as Kryway cheered.

“I would never have guessed she would be a good drummer. You never know where you are going to find a talent,” she said.