Production for the new CBS legal drama “Reckless” is expected to begin by month’s end and run through mid-December, with opportunities along the way for locals to be cast as extras.

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A reality television show filming schedule had some Charleston residents seeing red. Learn about their concerns and its potential implications for future film productions.

That’s what the show’s location manager, Steve Yetman, told a gathering at the Historic Ansonborough Neighborhood Association on Wednesday night.

The neighborhood is among the places around Charleston where the show plans to film scenes.

The show is slated for a mid-season premiere, which means it will debut sometime between November and April.

The pilot for “Reckless,” which plays on the relationship between a Southern gentleman attorney, played by Cam Gigandet, and a Yankee litigator, played by Anna Wood, who are courtroom adversaries, was filmed in March.

Yetman told the crowd the network has requested an additional 12 episodes.

Filming will likely cause some temporary street closings and disruptions in parking, Yetman said.

But the crew will try to notify residents 48 hours in advance so they can arrange their activities around the production, he said.

“We will work to share information with you as much as possible. We are guests in your neighborhood and we appreciate the opportunity to be here,” he said. “It’s going to bring some fun and excitement to the city.”

The show also will have a soundstage set up in the former Goer Manufacturing building on Goer Drive in North Charleston. Yetman said.

Yetman said the show is expected to soon begin looking for extras.

The show’s casting company posted a notice on the “CBS Reckless Extras” Facebook page Wednesday announcing that it will begin booking extras the week of July 22. They are particularly looking for men and women ages 18 to 35, and folks with a law enforcement background.

The casting company also is accepting submissions for a stand-in for actor Adam Rodriguez.

The company is looking for a 6-foot-tall man who resembles Rodriguez, especially with skin complexion and hair color.

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