Tropical Storm Chantal has dissipated, although Charleston area residents can still expect some rain and potential flooding starting Thursday, according to the Charleston office of the National Weather Service.

Chantal fell apart in the Caribbean Sea below Haiti on Wednesday afternoon. But another storm front continues to threaten heavy rain in Charleston.

There is still the chance a tropical system of some sort might re-form once the former Chantal crosses Cuba and moves in to the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. But forecasters didn’t expect it to happen.

“It’s so weak as it is, and it has so much land to deal with in the next few days, that even if it does re-form, it won’t re-form into much before it’s off the Southeast coast,” said meteorologist Jonathan Lamb with the Weather Service.

The chances of thunderstorms for the Charleston area are 40 percent Thursday during the day and 60 percent during the night, 60 percent all day Friday and Saturday, and 40 percent all day Sunday, the Weather Service was predicting Wednesday. Those storms will come from a weather front crossing the United States.