Charleston County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $150,000 or more and recorded April 29-May 3.


Gay A. and B. Holland Satterfield Jr. sold Unit D, 192 Ashley Ave., Beauregard House to Sandra K. Howe for $245,000.

Robert B. and Sandra L. Whyte sold 79 East Bay St. to Juana Estela Hollin-Avery for $735,000.

William T. Joyce III sold Unit 301, 169 King St. to Rallis L. and Dendy L. Pappas for $475,000.

Donald C. Cloud sold Unit 815, 150 Bee St., Bee Street Lofts to Frank E. Sobash for $470,000.

51 Gadsden Street LLC sold Unit B, 53 Gadsden St., Governor’s Walk to Chelsea E. Strobel for $490,000.

M/MK Inc. sold Unit 511, 150 Bee St., Bee Street Lofts to Fulton J. and Catherine B. Gasper for $390,000.

Kyle Martino sold Unit 417, 150 Bee St., Bee Street Lofts to Thomas A. Hall for $442,500.

Paul R. and Ruth E. Tebrake sold Unit 207, 3 Queen St., Queens Gate to Brian R. and Mary M. Nisbet for $362,500.

Roberta Jean Sokolitz sold Unit 10 C, 14 Lockwood Drive, Ashley House to Michael S. Daniels for $300,000.

EcoVest Development LLC sold 303 St. Philip St. to Phil and Allison Zaubi for $296,500.

Charleen G. Baxter sold 73 Rutledge Ave. to Payne H. Barnette Jr. and Erica A. Arbogast-Barnette for $1.6 million.

Gregory H. and Ramona S. Robinson sold Unit 14, 309 Meeting St. to 309-14 Meeting Street LLC for $162,500.

James H. Abernathy III and Allyson J. Abernathy sold 19 Jasper St. to Alex and Susan Bardi for $595,000.

Deborah R. Harris sold 287 Ashley Ave. to Carrie J. Williams for $169,150.

Brian C. and Kristi N. King sold 42 Warren St. to Mary Rebecca Barnet for $710,000.

Kyle M. and Jennifer L. Stoudenmire sold 72 Maple St. to Kristy B. Center for $305,000.

EcoVest Development LLC sold 76 Fishburne St. to John William Van Vlack Jr. for $255,000.

Isle of Palms

James M. Sprott Jr. and Jean R. Sprott sold Unit G, 203 Palmetto Drive, Port O’Call to Stephen and Lauren K. Wallace for $263,000.

BandL Ventures Unlimited Inc. sold 100 Grand Pavilion Blvd., The Grand Pavilion at Wild Dunes to Beverly A. and Robert L. Miller for $762,500.

William G. and Frances B. Crump sold 13 Fairway Oaks Lane, Fairway Oaks to Gregory P. and Mary Y. Raih for $700,000.

Richard Robert Kobal Jr. sold 20 Lake Village Lane, Lake Village to Thomas E. and Geena J. Welch for $465,000.

Laura Stuart Kasay sold 35 Beach Club Villas Court, Beach Club Villas to M. Andrew and Kathleen B. Thomas for $950,000.

Keneipp LP sold 48 Pelican Reach, Wild Dunes to Rick A. and Ellen M. McNelly for $485,000.

William T. and Melba J. McCurry sold 6 Edgewater Alley, Wild Dunes to Chad Anderson for $1.1 million.

Melisa D. Rowland and Scott W. Henggeler sold 7 52nd Ave. to 7 52nd Street LLC for $666,000.

James Island

Christopher A. and Melanie T. Hatzis sold 1700 Lotus Lane, Ocean Neighbors to Richard and Jacqueline A. Goldfarb for $310,000.

Wando Builders Inc. sold 1812 Parkland Preserve Lane, Parkland Preserve to Jonathan C. and Dana Jenkins for $232,900.

Heather S. Shaw sold 452 Riverland Drive, Green Acres to Robert E. and Leah N. White for $236,437.

Sean L. and Gina K. Lathbury sold 682 Jane Circle, Clearview to Laura K. and Matthew T. Perkinson for $368,000.

Gregory A. and Marsha S. Ridder sold 751 Lake Frances Drive, Lake Shore Commons to Christopher A. Kashfia and Aislinn Ronaghan for $325,000.

Ann C. Poole sold 762 Swanson Ave., Eastwood to Stephanie W. and Joel S. Greer for $280,000.

New Leaf at Eaglewood LLC sold 822 Sage Bird View, Eaglewood Retreat to Emily and Erik Reynolds for $335,212.

Walter and Joyce E. Huda sold 911 Kushiwah Creek Court, The Harbor at Stiles Point Plantation to Martin H. Bradshaw III and Allyson M. Bradshaw for $525,000.

Lois M. Robinson sold 916 Ravenswood Drive, Ashcroft Hall to Sam and Emily Clark for $216,000.

Johns Island

Erron Q. and Julie S. Kinney sold 2411 Rushland Landing Road, Rushland to Kyle R. Flanagan for $683,000.

Ralph Craig Davis sold 2906 Sweetleaf Lane, Whitney Lakes to Andy M. Bryson III for $169,000.

Southeastern Recapitalization Group LLC sold 2943 Sugarberry Lane, The Gardens at Whitney Lake to Jade V. Griffith for $169,990.

Jason and Laura D. Blasenak sold 3007 Rushland Mews, The Marshes at Rushland Landing to Carl W. and Amanda M. Wagoner for $434,500.

Charles L. Yeomans IV sold 3050 Penny Lane, The Bend at River Road to Devon E. and Michael F. Andrews for $207,500.

Christopher J. Abercrombie and Maria N. Durden sold 3483 Field Planters Road, The Retreat at Johns Island to Lisa M. Quinn for $248,500.

Wewil Inc. sold 3626 Berry Hill Road, Cedar Spring to Derek W. Donaldson for $179,900.

Kiawah Island

Stephen Z. and Claire M. Zufall sold 4387 Sea Forest Drive, Windswept Villas III to East Beach Partners LLC for $599,000.

David W. and Deborah A. Swan sold 4236 Mariners Watch Drive, Mariners Watch Villas to Ray M. Antley Jr. and Lisa M. Antley for $210,000.

Austin Properties LLC sold 2169 Ship Watch Road, Ship Watch Villas to Christine L. Kotarba and Shawn M. Marlovits for $215,000.


JMH at Ladson LLC sold 4710 Lewis & Clark Trail, Von Ohsen Estates to Nelson J. and Linda J. White for $163,500.

Ronald Shane Willard sold 9472 Falling Embers Lane, Paddock Pointe to Jonathan A. and Summer Willard for $205,600.

Mount Pleasant/ East Cooper

Scott Creek Community LLC sold 1377 Scott’s Creek Circle, Scott’s Creek to Pulte Home Corp. for $300,000.

Edward C. and Regina C. Seaton sold 1512 Devol St., Madison at Hamlin Plantation to Andy Y. and Mei K. Shih for $325,000.

JW Homes LLC sold 2008 Amenity Park Drive, One Hamlin Place to Michael E. and Svlia L. Zaleski for $444,431.

National Residential Nominee Services Inc. sold 2168 Beckenham Drive, Masonborough at Park West to Jason C. and Ramona Guerrettaz for $950,000.

Greg W. and Richard W. Polak sold 2400 Cotton Creek Drive, Cotton Creek at Planter’s Pointe to American Homes 4 Rent Properties Six LLC for $267,600.

EcoVest S & S Shelmore Development LLC sold Unit 38, 732 South Shelmore Blvd., Shelmore Village to Patrick Graham Maiden for $275,990.

Edward S. and Cheryl C. Stokes sold Unit 302, 142 North Plaza Court, Renaissance on Charleston Harbor to Howard A. Evert for $705,000.

EcoVest S & S Shelmore Development LLC sold Unit 19, 716 South Shelmore Blvd., Shelmore Village to Katherine and Stephen Sovenyhazy for $379,000.

Bruce and Susan Boyne sold 1031 Provincial Circle, Patriots Province to Lori M. Gossett for $270,000.

John E. and Alma D. Trucksis sold 1133 Dawn View Terrace, New Parish Village to Presley Haynes Payne III for $410,000.

Burnley Tilldon Sawyer sold 1196 Farm Quarter Road, Snee Farm to William L. and Cathleen S. Asbell for $455,000.

Cheri B. Burgis sold 1324 Bluebird Drive, Moss Park to Denise M. May for $325,000.

Matthew W. and Lisa C. McCormick sold 1336 Old Tabby Lane, Eastwood Townhomes to Christopher T. Wilson for $158,000.

Pulte Home Corp. sold 1397 Scott’s Creek Circle, Scott’s Creek to John Martin Kratz Jr. and Colleen Reilly Kratz for $726,150.

Stuart Reeves sold 1410 Heather St., The Highlands to Lisa M. and Bryon K. Moore for $355,000.

Haley Jo Rodenhouse sold 1418 Waterlily Drive, Lakeshore to John J. and Susan G. Popiel for $378,000.

Kevin Jennings Austin sold 1737 Nantahala Blvd., Wando East to Edward T. Wilfong and Mallory E. Gilbert for $230,000.

David S. and Meghan B. West sold 442 Mount Royall Drive, Longpoint to Michael J. and Katherine E. Aiken for $294,000.

Mary S. Kaplan sold 46 Hospitality St., I’On to Fred H. White III for $400,000.

Gwendolyn R. Powell sold 516 Rice Planters Drive, Rice Planter’s Pointe to Max W. Collier and Catherine L. Cralle for $459,000.

Marian H. and Renwick F. Mottley sold 524 Rice Planters Drive, Rice Planters Pointe to William T. and Julie C. McLaughlin for $445,000.

Andrew J. Beck sold 613 Pitt St. to William G. Harley for $2.8 million.

R. Michael Edgerton sold 648 Spinner Circle, Hidden Cove to Katherine and Keenan Hoffmann for $352,500.

Lori M. Gossett sold 649 Oak Marsh Drive, Wakendaw on the Creek to Sean C. and Jennifer A. Murray for $350,000.

Daniel E. Allen and Joy A. Spencer sold 655 King St., Moultrie Heights to Benjamin P. Roope for $420,000.

Lee Anne Walters sold 701 Davenport Drive, Cove Inlet Villas to Norman W. and Nancy S. Smith for $184,000.

Valerie A. Enquist sold 738 Hibbens Grant Blvd., Hibben at Belle Hall Plantation to Frederick G. and Elisabeth F. Bannerot for $625,000.

JandM Inc. of Conway sold 741 Dragoon Drive, Creekside Park to David Y. and Victoria H. Causey for $260,000.

Davidson and Stith Realty LLC sold 912 Old Georgetown Road to McLean Sheperd for $425,000.

Sharon W. Cass sold Unit 35, 236 Fair Sailing Road, Egrets Walk to Brenda M. and Brendan I. Lester for $215,000.

Victoria G. Cranch sold 124 Fair Sailing Road, Egrets Walk at Dunes West to Rebecca H. Kenney for $214,900.

Thomas M. and Mary E. Meddaugh sold 1308 Sassafrass Circle, Palmetto Hall at Dunes West to Victoria R. Guest for $237,000.

Michael S. Ackerman and Tina Dansaert-Ackerman sold 1604 Grey Marsh Road, Cambridge Commons at Park West to James P. Dobson Jr. for $265,000.

1672 Lauda LLC sold 1672 Lauda Drive, The Reserve at Wando East to Suzanne Marie Castelloe for $160,000.

Marnie I. and Casey T. Liddy sold 1749 Wellstead St., Pembroke at Park West to William B. and Sarah M. Jones for $448,000.

Bryon K. and Lisa M. Moore sold 2121 Tall Grass Circle, Whispering Marsh at Dunes West to Jonathan M. and Elisha M. Rosa for $400,000.

Liston H. and Charlotte J. Guerry sold 2468 Fulford Court, Chadbury Village to Jodie L. Biddle for $262,000.

Patrick M. and Sara G. Bachrodt sold 2635 River Bluff Lane, Rivertowne to Hector O. and Heidi Suarez for $435,000.

Richard C. Young Jr. and Julie E. Young sold 2674 Egrets Landing Court, Brickyard Plantation to William R. Muirhead and Diana D. Antonovich for $895,000.

Elizabeth A. Barber sold 2721 Merwether Lane, The Preserve at Brickyard Plantation to John W. Kosky Jr. and Audrey A. Kosky for $340,000.

Aileen B. Sunshine sold 2883 Woodland Park Drive, Hamlin Park to Mark Ames for $240,000.

Arthur N. and Valerie P. Sparks sold 3076 Pignatelli Crescent, Dunes West at Marsh Landing to John M. and Jennifer Ciccone for $315,000.

Robert H. Sanders III and Katrina W. Sanders sold 3177 Sand Marsh Lane, The Sound at Hamlin Plantation to John O. and Karen F. Poulsen for $685,000.

John B. Milton sold 3350 Merion Place, The Estates at Charleston National to Eric J. and Belinda Churchward for $425,000.

Beazer Homes Corp. sold 3597 Locklear Lane, Lieben Park to American Homes 4 Rent Properties Six LLC for $283,500.

Joseph J. Leto sold 3608 Billings St., Madison at Hamlin Plantation to Gerard Ferrin for $230,000.

Weekley Homes LLC sold 3648 Maidstone Drive, Carolina Park to James A. Kraft for $443,097.

Carl E. and Eleonore T. Berke sold 3969 Blackmoor St., Waverly at Hamlin Plantation to Robert J. and Kelly A. Ring for $480,000.

JW Homes LLC sold 4128 Whiting St., Hamlin Plantation to Matthew J. and Melinda Magner for $481,771.

Larry J. Frick Jr. and Christine Frick sold 478 Commonwealth Road, Darrell Creek Plantation to Graham W. Warren for $700,000.

North Charleston

Eurakulon LLC sold 3700 Rivers Ave. to Loop Mart North Charleston LLC for $855,000.

Margaret B. Murdaugh sold 1010 Hunley Waters Circle, Hunley Waters to David J. and Melissa M. Meverden for $204,500.

Brandon R. and Carrie H. Pruett sold 8789 Red Oak Drive to William J. and Jennifer S. Garlow for $180,500.

Seabrook Island

Franz Anton Berding sold 1305 Seabrook Island Road, Pelican Watch Villas to Madeline L. Humiston for $240,000.

Pensco Trust Co. Custodian FBO: Rives C. Chalmers sold 2246 Oyster Catcher Court to Monte C. and Nancy J. Beaudway for $425,000.

Duane E. and Lee S. Spong sold 3222 Seabrook Island Road to Dennis R. and Kathleen L. Ciarlante for $905,000

Sullivan’s Island

Carter H. Leslie and The Northern Trust Co. sold 2914 I’on Ave. to Jessica J. Yarborough for $650,000.


Eastwood Construction LLC sold 115 Wynfield Forest Drive, Wynfield Forest to Scott R. and Brandy L. Olson for $183,770.

The Pines Building Group LLC sold 181 Angora Way, The Pines at Gahagan to Robert L. and Carol A. Spanninger for $260,145.

West Ashley/ St. Andrews

Susan B. Barrett sold 1123 Lining Court, Farmfield to Katherine Walker Sullivan for $336,000.

Laura B. Brown sold 2 Wendy Lane, Heathwood to Stephanie Hope Bealer for $170,000.

Aaron and Elise Richard sold 22 Wendy Lane, Heathwood to Jonathan R. and Amy M. Jones for $219,500.

Harry C. Demosthenes III and Ashley D. Demosthenes sold 23 Avondale Ave., Avondale to Justin D. Boulware and Anne Legare Rhett for $325,000.

Gunjit R. and Simran P. Singh sold 26 Broughton Road, The Crescent to S. Allison Fennell for $1.7 million.

John Raymond Pesavento sold 30 Carson Drive to Andrew T. Mitchell for $230,000.

Casey Timer sold 311 Culver Ave., Air Harbor to David J. Boggs for $182,000.

Rosalyn G. Morrison sold 45 Fenwick Drive, Windermere to Blake A. and Mary N. McKie for $395,000.

Jennifer F. and Adam W. Krause sold 6 Ashdale Drive, Avondale to Robert S. Adams Jr. and Mary A. Haynes Adams for $235,000.

Russell H. and Sandra L. Snow sold 8 Tynte St., Byrnes Down to Jennifer Dubose Evans for $311,000.

Harry J. Matson Jr. and Kristen Matson sold 812 Sheldon Road, Moreland to 812 Sheldon Road LLC for $212,500.

Frank D. Squeglia sold 105 Brogun Lane, Middleborough Estates at Shadowmoss Plantation to James B. and Cathy W. Simons for $410,000.

Timothy M. Tebeau and Rebecca Allen sold 1636 Bluewater Way, Bolton’s Landing to Edward and Ashley Hojnacki for $214,000.

Centex Homes sold 1695 Indaba Way, Rice Field of Carolina Bay to Betty Jo Cross for $223,490.

Centex Homes sold 1700 Indaba Way, Rice Field of Carolina Bay to Creighton J. and Anne J. McDermott for $249,888.

Centex Homes sold 1724 Indaba Way, Rice Field of Carolina Bay to Edward J. and Sarah Smail for $238,988.

Centex Homes sold 1831 Heldsberg Drive, Bridgewater of Carolina Bay to Jeremy A. Fazely for $167,000.

Bradley H. Williams Jr. sold 188 Shadowmoss Parkway, Dunwoody at Shadowmoss Plantation to Scott J. and Kathryn G. Lambert-Gorwyn for $399,000.

Daniel and Stamps LLC sold 2643 Lake Myrtle Drive, Canterbury Woods to Jason C. and Maureen J. Tokarczyk for $195,500.

Manorhouse Builders of South Carolina Leasing LLC sold 4138 Veritas St., Ashley Park to Brandi Nicole Bynum for $170,865.

Centex Homes sold 1862 Gammon St., Creekside of Carolina Bay to Heather S. and Adam C. Kus for $291,675.

Berkeley County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $150,000 or more and recorded April 22-26.

Daniel Island

JW Homes LLC sold 2505 Daniel Island Drive, Old Landing at Smythe Park to John J. Murphy for $576,420.

Martha A. Boone sold 104 Bounty St. to Matthew and Lauren Crawford for $354,000.

Goose Creek

Chris J. Manos sold 253 Clayburne Drive, Mulberry Park to Portia H. Groff for $177,000.

Dryno Salas and Fabiola S. Nunez sold 205 Seth Court, Cokers Crossing to Christopher Joseph Insinga for $210,000.

Justin M. and Jackie C. Clifford sold 105 Jasmine Lane, Woodland Lakes to Jason T. and Laura L. Phillips for $192,000.

Ryland Group Inc. sold 406 Mountain Laurel Circle, Liberty Village to Charles H. Holley for $179,900.

Nicholas S. and Maghen C. Mulieri sold 413 Watershed Drive, Mulberry Park to Todd Schaefer for $165,000.

Tracy M. and Christopher P. McElman sold 104 Golding Lane, Crowfield to Denis Michael Kerr for $176,000.


Coy Dean Fink sold 42 Sorento Blvd. to Donna A. Brouthers for $250,000.

SRP 2011-6 LLC sold 1097 Stonehenge Drive, Dominion Hills to James E. and Penny L. Reynolds for $220,500.


Claiborne Kerry Donnell sold 1029 Briar Rose Lane, Hunters Bend to John A. and Nelly Maria Infante for $179,000.

Moncks Corner

Joshua L. and Jennifer King sold 212 Oglethorpe Circle, Cypress Manor to Robert Bryant Corbett for $164,999.

HHHunt Homes Charleston LLC sold 228 Topsaw Lane, Foxbank to Randy L. and Kristen L. Oeller for $155,165.

Weekley Homes LLC sold 300 Fox Ridge Lane, Foxbank Plantation to Wendy R. Sims and Brandi Jai Jimenez for $275,000.

Patti A. Lobik sold 319 Buttonwood Lane, Whitesville to Ricardo F. and Milenka Vargas for $260,000.

Dorchester County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $150,000 or more and recorded April 22-26.

LadsonErica Gaines and Michael Gorby sold 9003 Parlor Drive, Tranquil Hill Plantation to Angela Leigh Bowers for $160,000.

Erick C. Smith sold 9303 Sweetbay Court, Tranquil Hill Plantation to Mark Andrew Nagl for $162,501.

Centex Homes sold 9708 Tackle St., McKewn Plantation to Philip D. and Megan M. Nadenbousch for $215,965.

Centex Homes sold 9700 Crofton Drive, McKewn Plantation to Steven B. Holley for $225,365.


Bridlewood Farms LLC sold 3011 Gulfstream Lane, Bridlewood Farms to Thomas Aaron Williams and Dana M. Mullins for $217,885.


Alphonse J. and Al J. Polizzi sold 159 Carolinian Drive, Legend Oaks Plantation to Michael E. and Natalie B. Dixon for $173,000.

Bobby K. and Violet L. Farrar sold 103 Middleburg Square, Irongate to Stephen Feetham and Melissa Vause for $164,000.

Bradley W. and Jacquelynn S. Mallett sold 105 Bald Cypress Court, Legend Oaks Plantation to Aaron H. and Stephanie E. Oberman for $292,500.

Brian J. and Leslie M. Salkeld sold 103 Back Tee Circle, Legend Oaks Plantation to Kevin T. Baker for $194,000.

Charles and Laura G. Miller sold 9468 Ayscough Road, Wescott Plantation to Autumn Jones Buckmon for $198,500.

Corey C. and Sarah E. Hughes sold 9628 Pebble Creek Blvd., Oak Forest Village to Zachary R. and Melisa Eliese Templeton for $178,500.

D.R. Horton Inc. sold 128 Amen Corner, Linkside Village to Nelson W. and Darlene A. Spengler for $349,445.

D.R. Horton Inc. sold 265 Silver Cypress Circle, Legend Oaks Plantation to Matthew C. and Claudette L. Mannion for $364,820.

D.R. Horton Inc. sold 104 Ribbon Road, The Ponds to John Locke and Cassandra Lynn Willis for $374,500.

Gerlando and Rosemarie Scala sold 5126 Timicuan Way, Shinnecock Hills Village to Hanh H. Chau for $236,000.

Hubert Creel sold 109 Travelers Rest Blvd., Quail Arbor to Andrea B. Herb for $169,500.

Jeffrey A. and Leslie M. Goodmanson sold 71 Regency Oaks Drive, Bridges of Summerville to Bruce Moore for $201,000.

Maria S. Schneider sold 110 President Circle, Pine Forest Inn Estate to Robert P. and Ann L. Ledford for $340,000.

Mary Anne T. McClure sold 215 Hydrangea St., White Gables to Judith Larocque for $154,000.

Michael and Lori Pangburn sold 406 Mayfield St., Ashborough West to Ronald J. and Nicole Kubat for $275,000.

Christopher C. Hartsock sold 109 Kapalua Run, Linkside Village to Donald S. and Sandra J. Tucker for $190,000.

MLJ LLC sold 1023 Victoria Pointe Lane, Victoria Pointe to Herbert L. Singleton for $221,398.

Jason R. and Robyn L. Hubert sold 209 Molasses Mill Court, Legend Oaks Plantation to Jody J. and Jacqueline G. Runions for $274,756.

Beazer Homes Corp. sold 1287 Wild Goose Trail, Drakesborough to Malinda Y. Fife and Shena M. Crockett for $193,030.

Tyrone and Jennifer L. Williams sold 204 Myrtle Way, Brookwood to Tracy and Tina Raines for $153,000.

Peter Landry sold 176 McMakin St., Pine Hills Acres to Adam L. and April Harner for $150,000.

William and Jennifer Cole sold 9692 Pebble Creek Blvd., Pebble Creek Village to Brett A. and Kimberly C. Corder for $246,200.