Nancy and Christopher Latham have agreed to new measures to protect themselves from one another, avoiding a contentious court hearing Thursday in an already bitter divorce case.

The estranged couple had submitted dueling petitions for protective orders from the Family Court, each insisting the other posed a danger to their well-being. The court was expected to take up the motions Thursday, but the two sides ultimately resolved the matter, agreeing not to contact or harass one another.

Under the arrangement, Nancy Latham dropped her request to have the court bar her husband from possessing guns or contacting their children, Robert Rosen, Christopher Latham's attorney, said.

“She abandoned that,” he said. “She obviously didn't feel she needed that.”

The action comes more than a month after a federal prosecutor put a stop to the Latham's final divorce hearing on April 8. Federal investigators had just discovered a murder-for-hire scheme targeting Nancy Latham days before her final divorce hearing.

Four people have been federally indicted in the case.

In her motion for protection and in a civil lawsuit, Nancy Latham has accused her husband of being involved in the plot.

Christopher Latham has denied any involvement in the scheme and countered with his own motion claiming Nancy, and her half-brother, a convicted triple-murderer, wish to harm him, according to court filings.

A Family Court judge had already ordered Nancy Latham and her husband to stay away from each other. An October order in their bitter divorce case restrains them from having physical contact with each other or being at each other's homes, as well as from harassing, threatening, interfering with or bothering the other in any way.

On April 5, Charleston police found out Nancy Latham was the intended target of a murder-for-hire plot. The information was volunteered by Russell Wilkinson, 39, of Louisville, KY, after he and his wife, Bethany, were pulled over in downtown Charleston.

Wilkinson told investigators he was hired to kill Nancy Latham and had been conspiring with Wendy Annette Moore, 37, and Moore's ex-husband Samuel Yenawine, 38, of Louisville, KY. All three were arrested and charged in federal court and currently remain behind bars, along with Rachel Palmer, 36, Yenawine's girlfriend.

On Wednesday, Wilkinson's defense attorney called for a psychiatric evaluation of Wilkinson. Yenawine and Wilkinson have already appeared before a federal judge for their arraignments. Moore is expected in federal court for her on May 28.