Bold and the Beautiful: Brooke was shocked when her doctor said that repeated tests show she’s pregnant. Brooke panicked after recalling how much Katie trusts her, and then equivocated when Katie saw her crying. Brooke told Donna that she and Bill weren’t together until after Katie said their marriage was over. Hope cried on Eric’s shoulder. Bill felt guilty when Katie apologized for accusing him of having an intimate relationship with Brooke (Katie left Bill). Bill told Alison what happened between him and Brooke. Bill agreed to help Caroline get Maya out of Rick’s life.

Days of Our Lives: Rafe confronted Nick after Will finally admitted that Nick forced him to give up rights to his and Gabi’s baby because Will is gay. Someone attacked Rafe after he warned Nick that he planned to tell Gabi why Nick doesn’t want Will near her baby. Brady nearly caught Kristen and John on the verge of locking lips. Kristen was surprised when Brady showed her adoption papers that will make it possible for them to raise a child together (she can’t have children). After Kristen verbally bashed Marlena, Eric told her that he wouldn’t be attending her and Brady’s wedding. John told Roman that he could have Marlena, after Roman confronted him about how badly he has treated her. Sami tried to steal police evidence that implicates Will in E.J.’s shooting from “dirty” cop Bernardi. Nick attacked Sami, demanding that she return the money she stole from him.

General Hospital: Lulu remembered the incident when Dante talked about them and Maxie seeing a sonogram of the baby and hearing its heartbeat. Nikolas visited Lulu, who repeated a phrase that he’d said to her years ago, but she lost the thread when Milo returned home. Sonny, Carly and Michael searched for a missing Morgan and were stunned to learn that he had amassed a huge debt due to online gambling. Michael tried to get Morgan to reveal where he was when he returned a phone call. A dangerous man tracked down Morgan. Spinelli got a New York address for Lauren from her grandmother, Betsy Frank. When Spinelli found Lauren, she told him that Luke had paid her to lie. Luke found a woman, Ava, who said she was Lauren’s mother. Ava was surprised when Luke told her that Lauren is a Quartermaine. Morgan came into the room after Luke left Ava.

Young and the Restless: Chelsea gave Dylan the chance to walk away from her and the baby (it’s Adam’s), but he said he would be there for her and “their” baby. Adam told Victor that he isn’t the father of Chelsea’s baby. When Victor refused to oust Billy from Newman Enterprises, Victoria told Nick and Abby that she wants the three of them to buy up enough stock to vote Billy out. Paul responded to Lauren’s comment that her family would be back together soon by asking about her recent trip with Carmine. Lauren denied Paul’s suggestion that she is having an affair with Carmine. Meanwhile, Carmine was angry that Lauren isn’t returning his phone calls. Detective Sheryl Gordon quizzed Kevin and Chloe about a robbery at Neil’s apartment. Gus collapsed and Leslie called for help after Gus started to tell her about his connection to Rose.

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