Two men walking in the woods of West Ashley reported finding a human skull Friday afternoon.

The Charleston County Sheriff’s Office responded after being contacted by one of the men. County Coroner Rae Wooten said the remains are being investigated by her office.

The men live on Bolton Road. They had walked across Savannah Highway into the woods looking for a place to launch a canoe when they found the skull.

Tui McIntire, 41, said the skull was found after a 15- or 20-minute walk into the woods behind First Assembly of God. He was following deer and boar paths when his friend Cory Hewitt, 23, noticed what he thought was a rock or mushroom. The men looked closer and saw that it was a skull.

“It’s not how I planned my day,” McIntire said.

McIntire said he texted a picture of the skull to his wife, Jenna McIntire, who told him to leave it alone and call the authorities. He said that the men also saw a jacket and what looked like arm bones nearby.

The bottom jaw and some front teeth were missing on the skull, but there appeared to be no other damage to it. Teeth in the skull had fillings, he said.

McIntire said he recently moved here from Fort Wayne, Ind., and it was his first trip into the woods.

He came here because his wife needed to spend time with his mother. Hewitt, of Nashville, Tenn., is staying with the couple, he said.

McIntire said he met two officers with the Sheriff’s Office in the church parking lot and took them to where the men found the skull.

The Sheriff’s Office said it responded to the call about 6:15 p.m.

“At this time the circumstances of how the remains came to be at the location or how long they have been at the location is not known,” Maj. Jim Brady said.

“It is too early into the investigation at this time to determine an identity or to tell if the remains are related to any open investigations.”

Wooten said her office by law is required to respond to such situations.

The call came in late in the afternoon when the light was fading so the scene was secured overnight. Authorities will return there this morning.

“We did respond to some bones that were found and they are human,” she said. “I will have my forensic anthropologist and dentist both involved as we examine and evaluate the bones.”

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