Shouted down

At the College of Charleston on April 19, Alison Weir gave a presentation titled “Israel-Palestine: What the Media leave out,” based on her years of research into pro-Israel media bias. During the Q&A section, she was shouted down by students and community members.

None of this commentary directly addressed her research. At one point, security was called because of the shouting and commotion.

As a graduating political science student here at the college, I want to publicly apologize to Ms. Weir. In my four years here, I have never encountered such a lack of integrity by an audience in an academic situation. Such disrespect of opposing viewpoints is not indicative of the academic climate here at C of C, and I am embarrassed that a researcher was treated so appallingly.

Victoria Davis

Meeting Street


Powder Magazine

On behalf of the trustees and staff of Historic Charleston Foundation, I offer congratulations to the National Society of the Colonial Dames in the state of South Carolina upon the occasion of the 300th anniversary of the iconic colonial Powder Magazine.

In the 1990s when the Powder Magazine (noted as South Carolina’s oldest public building) had threatening structural issues and was in dire need of stabilization, the Colonial Dames sought the support of Historic Charleston Foundation.

True to form and within its advocacy and preservation mission of preserving and protecting the architectural, historical and cultural integrity of Charleston, Historic Charleston Foundation leased the Powder Magazine in 1993 in order to stabilize and restore the property. Allocating $400,000 to this vital restoration project, Historic Charleston Foundation enlisted the help of preservation specialists in the Charleston Museum and Richard Marks Restorations, Inc., for this important project and was able to save the building and officially returned stewardship of the national treasure to its owners, the Colonial Dames, in 2003. This effort is representative of the Foundation’s preservation mission, and we take pride in having been able to assist in this worthiest of efforts.

We are honored to have played a significant role in the Old Powder Magazine’s more recent history, and it is with the greatest respect and admiration that we congratulate the Colonial Dames in the state of South Carolina for their continued excellent stewardship.

Katharine S. Robinson

President and CEO

Historic Charleston


E. Bay Street


Share the blame

Citadel officials cannot have it both ways. They cannot restore The Citadel’s good name and at the same time fail to call to account anyone who, by his decisions, acts, or failure to act, contributed to the Arpaio/ReVille/Citadel mess.

“Anyone” means exactly that — Gen. John Rosa, members of the Board of Visitors, Mark Brandenburg, former camp staff — anyone.

Such an accounting might make convincing cases for penalties, perhaps as severe as resignations or dismissals.

So be it. Those occupying Bond Hall must be held to the same standard of accountability that they require of the cadets under their command.


Ayers Drive



Thall Drive

Hamilton, Ohio

No recycling

I recently went to a meeting at Charleston Southern University and was quite surprised (actually shocked) that they do not recycle glass, aluminum or plastics — even in the Sciences building. Every other college that I’ve visited in Charleston is very definitely trying to keep these items out of the landfill.

Yes, there is a state mandate to recycle in state-supported schools, but that’s not the only reason they recycle.

Why can’t CSU help the environment and get an active recycling program? They could set a good example by doing so.

T.L. Herbert

Brantley Drive


Who is she?

Does Elizabeth Colbert Busch have anything to tell us about herself so we can make an informed decision?

Having a famous brother is not really a qualification for elected office. Is she depending only on demonizing Mark Sanford via the Democratic National Congressional Committee and the Pelosi Pac?

This does not seem like a very positive or informative way to campaign for office.

John e. McTavish

Bishop Gadsden Way


Save us all

I have to applaud Mark Sanford. He wants to save us from tax burdens and at the same time save the plywood industry with his use of so much lumber. After the election he can build a house in Charleston for his new bride.

Robert Lane

Knottingham Drive

Goose Creek

Mock debate

I read the story of Gov. Mark Sanford debating a poster of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

It spoke volumes about his campaign and his qualifications. How can we expect him to represent us in Congress when he doesn’t even know who he is running against?

A.V. Rawl

Preakness Stakes