Drew Harrison and a team of volunteers from the Green Heart Project recently joined Wesley Jordan and his sixth-grade students from Jerry Zucker Middle School’s Gifted & Talented program to plant a citrus orchard on the school campus.

The orchard is adjacent to a plot of 24 irrigated 50-foot rows that the Green Heart Project will turn into a vegetable garden. It eventually will contain all kinds of vegetables.

The orchard consists of 25 citrus trees, including five trees each of Meiwa kumquats, Ambersweet orange, Chinese honey mandarin, Hamlin orange and Brown Select satsuma.

Founded in 2009 as a small school garden at Mitchell Elementary School in downtown Charleston, the Green Heart Project has grown into a farm-to-school program with the microfarm serving as an outdoor classroom where students get hands-on lessons in math, science and entrepreneurship.

The program’s collaboration with Zucker Middle is its second project and its first one with a middle school.

Harrison, who recently was honored as a Charleston Regional Business Journal’ “Forty Under 40” winner, started out with the Green Heart Project as a volunteer and has been the program’s director for two years.