Students representing three area elementary schools competed in a Hershey’s Track and Field Meet at Doc Hursey Track in North Charleston.

The national program ( is for ages 9-14. The top two competitors in each age group qualified for the district meet to be held May 18 at West Ashley High School. The state Hershey’s Track and Field Meet is June 1 at Park West.


Girls ages 9-10

Softball throw: Tatiana Fyall, Chicora, 38-1; La’neshia Brown, Chicora, 37-5.

50-meter: La’neshia Brown, Chicora, 7.50; Tatiana Fyall, Chicora, 8.22.

100-meter: La’neshia Brown, Chicora, 14.75; Tatiana Fyall, Chicora, 15.50.

Girls 11-12

Softball throw: Kynnedy Dennis, St. Andrew’s, 66-1; Rainelle Riggins, Zucker, 51-1.

400-meter: Kynnedy Dennis, St. Andrew’s, 85.01.

100-meter: Rainelle Riggins, Zucker, 13.65.

200-meter: Rainelle Riggins, Zucker, 30.53; Kynnedy Dennis, St. Andrew’s, 35.50.

4x100-meter: Zucker (Rainelle Riggins, Cherokee Buggs, Shellese Kymani, Jessica Dean), 103.87.

Girls 13-14

Long jump: Breanna Bailey, Zucker, 5-7; Tanjanye Young, Zucker, 5-3.

Softball throw: Shellese Jarreit, Zucker, 77-9; Jessica Dean, Zucker, 62-8.

800-meter: Denisha Wade, Zucker, 3:33.

400-meter: Denisha Wade, Zucker, 90.01.

100-meter: Jessica Dean, Zucker, 13.50; Tanjanye Young, Zucker, 13.94.

200-meter: Jessica Dean, Zucker, 29.31; Shellese Kymani, Zucker, 32.70.

Boys 9-10

50-meter: Sa’mo Pitts, Chicora, 8.15.

Boys 11-12

Long jump: Kayton Holmes, Chicora, 6-5; Branden Foster, Zucker, 5-11.

Softball throw: Markwese Cummings, Chicora, 86-5; Joshua Weeks, Chicora, 83-7.

400-meter: Lashawn Grippon, Chicora, 82.00.

100-meter: Branden Foster, Zucker, 13.50; Quisean Brown, St. Andrew’s, 14.16.

200-meter: Kaelin Dawson, St. Andrew’s, 31.75; Lashawn Grippon, Chicora, 31.78.

Boys 13-14

Long jump: Zhavon Mack, Zucker, 6-5; Dezmere Pitts, Chicora, 4-8.

Softball throw: Zhavon Mack, Zucker, 125-1; Dezmere Pitts, Chicora, 107-9.

100-meter: Zhavon Mack, Zucker, 13.97.