The Charleston Maritime Center is playing host today to several tall ships and schooners.

In addition to the Spirit of South Carolina, the Swedish tall ship Gunilla is on hand for her 10th visit to Charleston. The Gunilla is a 160-foot Barkentine with 50 students and crew members aboard.

A third ship is the Harvey Gamage, a 131-foot vessel based out of Bath, Maine, and part of the Ocean Classroom Foundation. Harvey Gamage is devoted exclusively to sea education programming, while still following her traditional route between New England and the Caribbean.

Also on hand is the Schooner Geronimo, a modern masthead rigged, centerboard sloop. The 69-foot vessel is affiliated with St. George’s School in Newport, Rhode Island.

Pilot Schooner Virginia, a gaff-rigged knockabout schooner, is docked near the Ravenel Bridge. Chartered from the Virginia Maritime Heritage Foundation to the Ocean Classroom Foundation, the 122-foot schooner carries 17 students.

Not all are open to the public, but city officials say they are all worth a look.