At a short City Council meeting tonight where every agenda item was approved unanimously and without discussion, North Charleston adopted new regulations aimed at dilapidated commercial buildings, and shifted authority over millions of dollars in port mitigation funds away from neighborhood groups.

The code enforcement regulations are intended to give the city more options to address commercial buildings that are dangerous or unsightly. Approval of the rules was delayed at a previous council meeting due to concerns from the Charleston Trident Association of Realtors, but the ordinances were ultimately approved without changes.

The port mitigation funds involve more than $4 million that the State Ports Authority agreed to pay to mitigate the impact on surrounding communities of developing a new port terminal in North Charleston on the former Navy base.

Amid criticism that the Lowcountry Alliance for Model Communities hasn’t made enough progress, leadership over the mitigation funds was shifted to a committee whose members range from LAMC officials and City Council members to representatives of state agencies such as the Department of Transportation, and the local Chamber of Commerce.

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