Texting and driving

Let’s go all the way. Let’s not only ban texting while driving, but join 10 other states in banning all hand-held cell phone usage while driving. Using cell phones for either purpose while driving is dangerous.

Very often, when there is an unusually slow car in the passing lane of a highway, causing vehicles to build up behind it, I’ve noticed the driver is talking on a cell phone.

Similarly, people making right turns without a direction signal are often on a cell phone. They don’t have a hand free to lift the signal.

Some people are quite capable of multi-tasking. They are able to have a serious, involved conversation while driving and not be distracted. But many others are not so gifted. Using cell phones while driving makes them a danger to us all.

If 19 states have wisely banned school bus drivers from using cell phones while driving, are they not sending all of us regular drivers a message?

If our children warrant that kind of protection, don’t we all?

Peter C. Moore

High Battery Circle

Mount Pleasant

Robert E. Molony

One of Charleston’s leading citizens, Robert E. Molony, passed away on March 21. I feel humble in offering a few words about one of the noblest gentlemen I have known in my 70 years of existence.

His well-written obituary, along with the eulogies of our Mayor Joe Riley and Bishop Thompson, told of his many deeds and personal relationships throughout his life.

They were inspirational to those who read and heard them.

He helped many young struggling business people, including me, establish themselves. His advice was always clear and uplifting.

I, along with countless others, will miss this unique Charlestonian.

W.M. Milligan III

Little Oak Drive

Folly Beach

Laser therapy

In the March 24 edition of The Post and Courier, Dr. Jesse Ross was highlighted with his Beam/BioVeda light and laser therapy options. I wish more folks who have received the therapy had been quoted.

I was skeptical about the therapy when I first heard about it three years ago. I talked with Dr. Ross and those in his office five times before I decided to go ahead with the expensive treatments.

I desperately needed help with my allergies.

My doctor had placed me on prescription medications because I had suffered so with many sinus infections — six in eight months to be exact. After completing 10 treatments with Dr. Ross, I was able to discontinue all the medications for sinus infections/allergies.

In the three years since finishing the treatments, I have had only one sinus infection. I have been able to enjoy the spring and fall in a totally different way.

These treatments also helped me become healthier in other ways. My hypoglycemia was totally eradicated.

After being on a special diet for low blood sugar for over 35 years, I have been able to live a normal life, eat healthy foods and not experience any problems whatsoever with low blood sugar.

This wonderful, huge, welcome change, in my estimation, has been worth far more than the money spent on these treatments.

Laurie Rysta

Farm Road

Goose Creek

Immigration status

As I read the newly released immigration bill April 19, I was stopped by point No. 3.

As one of the conditions to obtain a provisional immigration status, you must not have a felony conviction or three or more misdemeanor convictions. What?

I’d lose my job, be unable to get a new job and maybe not even qualify for running for a political office if I had just one conviction.

I call this bipartisan nuts, or in layman’s terms “mixed nuts.”

Jerry Signorelli

Rosedown Point

Mount Pleasant

Driving hazards

I am so glad the young woman who hit the palm tree in the median of the Shem Creek bridge wasn’t seriously injured.

If she had been the Department of Transportation would have felt the need to remove the trees.

Oh, and while I am at it, I do not understand the debate about texting while driving. Seems to me the police could very easily apply a law already on the books. It is called reckless driving.

Joe Pierpont

Middle Street

Mount Pleasant

Wage gap

As one who has spent many years teaching mathematics and statistics at a fine local institution of higher education, my disappointment was aroused by a recent letter to the editor.

The writer, who indicated a connection to the American Association of University Women, spoke of the stark “77 cents on the dollar” gender gap message that keeps rearing its head.

This response certainly won’t stop the phrase from being repeated, but maybe it will slow its frequency.

Work hour flexibility, stress level and other factors play a role in the decision making process for many people. As individuals, people can follow their interests and strengths and go into virtually any field of work.

But as groups, men and women have clear tendencies toward certain kinds of jobs.The vast majority of elementary school teachers are women, and the vast majority of engineers are men, for example. There also are many jobs that attract men and women almost equally.

Suppose there are just three kinds of jobs in a hypothetical society with a workforce of 12 men and 12 women.

Say there are two men and eight women who perform Job A, each of whom receives $30,000 a year; eight men and two women who perform Job B, each of whom receives $50,000 a year; and two men and two women perform Job C, each earning $40,000 a year.

The mean salary for all women is $35,000 a year, and for all men is $45,000 a year. Women earn 77.78 cents to a man’s dollar, yet within each job, men and women are treated alike.

There are studies that have found that the wage gap almost disappears when relevant explanatory variables are controlled. The 77-cents gap is over-simplistic and misleading.

Mick Norton

Forde Row


Bashing Sanford

Boston was under complete lockdown. A huge explosion in Texas killed many. But The Post and Courier bashed Mark Sanford.

You mention that Colbert Busch is talking jobs, but you don’t mention she is for union jobs.

You don’t mention how beholden she is to radical left- wing Democrats.

How venomous is your hatred of Mark Sanford?


Seabrook Island Road

Johns Island

No credibility

Mark Sanford may have a few supporters here, but to the rest of the world he is a toxic tabloid celebrity whose failings are fit for Jerry Springer.

Leaders of his own party are now abandoning him, just as they did when he was governor.

How can he speak for us in Washington when no one respects him? If he is elected, we will have no voice in Congress, and South Carolina will be yet another punch line.

Elizabeth Colbert Busch is a refreshing change from career politicians and the made-for-TV reality show that is Mark Sanford.

She is a highly respected, smart business woman who has brought thousands of jobs to the Lowcountry. She will fight to keep Social Security and Medicare.

She will be a strong voice for the 1st District of South Carolina. She is the only choice if we want to be represented in Washington.

On May 7 let’s elect someone we can all be proud of.

Pam Hricik

Pine Hollow Road

Mount Pleasant