North Charleston police received conflicting reports on Sunday after a woman allegedly shot her boyfriend in the thigh.

Candace Frederick, 22 of 1237 Sumner Ave.,is charged with attempted murder and simple possession of marijuana, jail records show.

Police officers were dispatched to Frederick’s apartment about 10 a.m. on Sunday following reports of shots fired in the complex’s parking lot, an incident report states.

A 19-year-old man gave officers conflicting stories about what led to him being shot in the thigh, police said.

The man first told police that Frederick wasn’t the person who shot him.

When officers questioned him further, the man reported that he and Frederick had gotten into an argument earlier that morning.

The fight moved into the parking lot when the man attempted to leave, the incident report states.

Frederick’s cries out to him were quickly followed by a gunshot, the man told police. He had only known Frederick for three days, he reported.

Frederick insisted that the shooting was an accident, police said.

She told police that she was attempting to unload a gun as she and her boyfriend were leaving the apartment.

She wasn’t aware that a round was in the chamber and must have accidentally had her finger on the trigger, she told police.

Frederick was held at the Charleston County jail in lieu of a $50,000 bail, court records show.