God, family, country

April 17, Gov. Mark Sanford discussed with staff and friends the events of Super Bowl Sunday. He took his boys to a neighbor’s Super Bowl party.

When it became “loud” he thought it best to take them home to finish their homework. Mrs. Sanford was flying back to Charleston.

He tried to contact her — unsuccessfully. He had a decision, leave the boys alone or risk his political career.

He chose to stay with the boys until Mrs. Sanford returned, where he met her on the stairs on the way out.

Family for Mr. Sanford trumped politics. For those who chose to use supposedly sealed court records to embarrass him and his family, their priority is neither God, nor family, nor country but political ambition.

I am proud of Gov. Sanford and will be proud to have him represent us in Congress.

Frank C. Leister

Archdale Street


Morally corrupt

Thanks to the recent actions of Mark Sanford, we now know what the threshold of tolerance is for the national Republican Party.

As we have seen, adultery is OK (see also Newt Gingrich) and desertion, dereliction of duty, and theft and misuse of public funds are completely acceptable.

But get busted for trespassing, and the Republican Party severs all ties.

Mark Sanford may be fiscally conservative, but he is morally bankrupt.

A. Thomas Price

Sully Street

Goose Creek

Honest politicians needed

There is a lot of criticism toward Mark Sanford. He was just about the right age to go through the change of life, which happens to some men. Show me that no one else has made the same mistake.

No one really knows the reason for it, and he could have been justified in his actions.

God didn’t make but one of us perfect. Mr. Sanford is running for political office, which he was very good at.

He was very good at saving taxpayers our hard-earned money. He is not looking for a wife or partner, so his personal past life doesn’t matter a whole lot.

What we need are honest politicians, and from his past performance, he will do a good job again.

Bill White

Cantering Hills Lane


Which one?

Is Mark Sanford running for political office or National Enquirer’s Man of the Year?

Jack Owens

Ocean Boulevard

Isle of Palms

Not his fault

Have you noticed that nothing is ever Mark Sanford’s fault? Even when he apologizes and admits his wanton ways, he does so with that, aw shucks, South Carolina good ol’ boy shy smile.

This time he knew he wasn’t supposed to be there, he knew he’d been ordered by the court to not be there, but he merely came over without permission, when his wife was not there, and watched TV. Why would anyone think bad thoughts about him for that?”

I think he has an addiction — he’s addicted to Mark Sanford.

David Stevens

Suncatcher Drive