First Congressional District Republican candidate Mark Sanford today defended entering his ex-wife’s home to watch the Super Bowl with his son, saying “You’ve got to make the call as a dad.”

He acknowledged the first media reports of the night made his conduct sound “creepy” as he was caught leaving the home out the back door by his ex-wife, Jenny Sanford.

“Met her; told her what happened,” he said this morning on WTMA-1250 radio in Charleston.

Also today, Sanford’s campaign announced he would make 15 stops across the Lowcountry in the next five days —and he invited his Democratic opponent, Elizabeth Colbert Busch, to join him.

“To date my opponent has refused to do any joint public appearances or debate the issues for the benefit of voters in the 1st district,” Sanford said in a statement. Only one joint appearance — an April 29 forum at The Citadel — has been set to date.

Earlier today, Sanford told the radio that he and his 14-year-old son were watching the game at the home of Chad Walldorf, who has an annual Super Bowl party at his home, also on Sullivan’s Island. His son didn’t like the crowd and wanted to return home at half-time to watch the game in a quieter venue, Sanford said.

Jenny Sanford was out of town, Sanford said, and he couldn’t reach her. Sanford and the boy then went to her residence.

“I though it was in the best interest of him as a boy,” Sanford said. “The Super Bowl comes around once a year.”

Jenny Sanford caught him leaving the home as she was returning and confronted him. She has filed Family Court documents accusing Mark Sanford of a pattern of visiting her residence in violation of their divorce documents. A trespassing complaint will be heard after the May 7 special election for the seat.

Sanford faces Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Busch.