When will it end?

April 16 I coined a new word: Tragedarian: “One who participates regularly in the rites and rituals following a tragedy.”

I feel like I’ve become a professional tragedarian —Oklahoma City, 9-11, Aurora, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook, Boston. We watch 24-hour coverage and endless stories, light candles, post prayers on Facebook, buy teddy bears and flowers, read People magazine coverage and then — we finally let it go. Just to wait for the next tragedy.

I am sick of it, worn down by it all. I try to see the good in people and the world around me, but sometimes I feel that evil will ultimately prevail in this world. When will it ever stop?

Eileen Hoffman

Avondale Avenue


All for money

I was shocked to be deprived of the peaceful enjoyment of my home by yet another fund- raiser gone bad, the April 11 concert at Patriot’s Point.

As for Mac Burdette’s concerns about not “risking the friendship and support of our neighbors,” he already risked and lost it last July 4th when he charged neighbors $10 to attend a barely visible fireworks display.

When Mr. Burdette became executive director I was expecting innovative administration that would transform the facility from financial morass to a dignified future. Instead Patriot’s Point has devolved into anything-for-money hucksterism.

What a sad way to celebrate the Fighting Lady’s 70th.

Donald Eaton

Harbor Pointe Drive

Mount Pleasant

Picking winners

In an April 13 letter titled “Mark’s mistake,” the writer takes Mark Sanford to task for opposing federal funding (read “our money”) for a wind turbine project at Clemson. In doing so, he likens this project to Thomas Edison’s many inventions.

The writer fails to mention, however, the fundamental difference between Edison’s work and the turbine project.

Edison’s work was funded by himself and like-minded private investors, not by some federal bureaucrat using taxpayer money and attempting to pick economic winners and losers.

Tom Secrest

Lark Hill Road

Pawleys Island

‘Zero concern’

I have read about Mark Sanford’s continued follies and I am just horrified that a man like that is even attempting to re-enter public service. To hear that he was caught trespassing on his ex-wife’s property again quite frankly makes me concerned about his mental status. I mean, he states he was concerned that his 14-year-old son was home alone watching the Super Bowl so he violated a court order to be with him — what was he thinking? If he was really concerned, why not pick him up to watch it?

He showed zero concern when he decided to go out and have an affair. He showed zero concern when he disappeared for days pretending to be on the Appalachian Trail, when he was really in Argentina. He showed zero concern when he publicly declared his love for another woman. He showed zero concern when he decided to have his sons meet the woman at a public event. He showed zero concern when he made a mockery of South Carolina by spending our money in such a reckless and irresponsible way.

Mark Sanford deserves nothing but South Carolina’s scorn. Any vote for this man shows that South Carolina belongs in the Dark Ages.


Wynnefield Drive

North Charleston

Dirty tricks

I am appalled that a Dirty Trickster and now the news media are exploiting Mark Sanford’s innocent Superbowl watching with his son in an attempt to sway the May 7th election.

Granted, he should not have been at his ex-wife’s home without her permission, since he could not reach her.

However, it pales in comparison at what is at stake in reversing the near $17 trillion of national debt, repealing the disaster of Obamacare, 47 million citizens on food stamps, and no jobs for the millions of unemployed.

Are we going to give up Mark’s leadership in shouldering these problems that are destroying our country because he watched a football game with his son at the home of his ex-wife? Heaven help anyone who feels this way.


Deer Point Drive

Seabrook Island

Turn lights on

I would like to see the TV and radio stations, during their weather and traffic reports on rainy days, remind drivers of the wipers/lights law as a public service. During some downpours, it’s hard to see other cars that don’t have on their lights.

Paul Krechman

Jasmine Court


Jobs needed

We can only hope that Republicans in Congress are not elated at the poor jobs report for March. They would do anything to keep good news from happening under Obama’s watch.

Of course because they have scared everyone about spending, deficits, etc., the government is unable to get any jobs started at all.

What we really need is investment in jobs, as in the country’s infrastructure with private and government working together. But Republicans will do nothing until they have dismantled Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

Meanwhile, we are held hostage in the slow destruction of the actual strengths of this country — workers, including government employees, and government services.

Bonnie Seabright

Groves Manor Court

Mount Pleasant

Sex education

As chairperson of the Health Advisory Committee (HAC) for Charleston County, I am writing to stop House bill 3435. The curricula promoted by this bill have a predominant message encouraging sexual activity. The message of abstinence is virtually non-existent.

Among proponents’ demands are removing the message that marriage is the healthiest context for sex ed and mandating certification of sex educators by systems they would control.

This is in the face of recent data showing the issue of unwed mothers is much bigger than teenage pregnancy.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, 20-plus year olds account for 60 percent of single parent births, which are associated with poverty, increased drug use and crime, emotional harm and low education, for parent and child.

We see that Planned Parenthood and comprehensive sex ed is not comprehensive at all. It promotes sex before marriage and the pop-culture depiction of sexual encounters, which statistics contradict. The results are broken lives and families and hundreds of billions of dollars in annual costs to the country.

This bogus legislation will remove local control and put more money toward a dishonest curriculum.

Teach condoms, of course, but, for goodness sake, we need curricula that support marriage. Give the full truth about the mental, social and physical harm resulting from risky sexual behavior. Our youths’ lives and futures are at stake.

Al Schirduan

W. Hudson Avenue

Folly Beach

Obamacare foes

Recently, Brian Hicks lamented the S.C. Legislature’s plan to nullify Obamacare. Those clowns, “the ones in the Statehouse,” should consult with “constitutional scholars” rather than behave like “the townfolk from Rock Ridge in ‘Blazing Saddles’.”

He could have directed his diatribe toward the Neanderthals in Iowa, Kansas, Indiana, Oklahoma and New Jersey who have their own nullification plans. Or maybe toward the 26 (so far) states that have elected not to implement critical insurance exchanges, effectively hamstringing Obamacare. (Where will the funding come from?)

Seventeen states have decided to buy in. The rest are obviously a little dubious.

But wait, maybe they, like South Carolina, are playing, “simple, very simple political theater.”

Larry Lyons

Franke Drive

Mount Pleasant