Thanks to Bi-Lo

I would like to acknowledge Bi-Lo for what it does for East Cooper Community Outreach. It has joined with Feeding America to provide meat, dairy products, produce and baked goods to us every day. Since ECCO started in 1989, we have not had meat or dairy products to offer our clients until now. Our clients are overjoyed.

Bi-Lo in the past has asked its customers to purchase a box of food, which was then donated to ECCO. This year they provided us with over $1,700 to buy food items, at their cost.

On April 1 it started “Feed the Love,” asking customers to donate $5 to provide ECCO clients with pet food.

When you are checking out at the Bi-Lo near you, please thank them for all they do.

We are helping our neighbors help themselves.

Paul Suchy

ECCO Warehouse Manager

Six Mile Road

Mount Pleasant

Criminal cycle

It is a rare day when I find myself in total agreement with both Sen. Robert Ford and Brian Hicks. I am referring to Hicks’ April 7 column concerning the revolving door our police forces face every day.

A criminal commits a crime, is arrested, posts bail, commits another crime, is given parole, or his sentence is suspended. The cycle repeats.

I do not know if the solicitors’ offices are understaffed and underbudgeted or just not inclined to do their jobs. Whatever the reason, they seem to find every excuse not to prosecute.

The same thugs are arrested repeatedly and have rap sheets that are mind-boggling in length. Then they are released to continue preying on our communities. This stupidity is long overdue to be addressed.

Kudos to Mr. Hicks for bringing this lunacy to public attention, and to Sen. Ford for submitting legislation to lock up those committing crime while out on bail.

To the General Assembly and the solicitors:

Stop this insanity!

Bob Peeples

Farmhill Drive


Inspiring Margot

Margot Freudenberg was a great example of what someone can achieve through courage and perseverance. Margot and her family came to this country after escaping the Holocaust. They were virtually penniless but through hard work became successful.

I worked with Margot and donated a home at the Hope Lodge, which would not exist to serve cancer patients were it not for Margot.

Margot gave of herself in many ways. Her mission was to help others. Her only son, Henry, graduated from The Citadel and retired as a full colonel in the Army Reserve.

Charleston is fortunate that the Freudenbergs settled here.

Margot lived a full life, dying at 105. She will be missed by the many people she helped along the way.

Edwin Pearlstine Jr.

Concord Street


Teachers’ plight

Anyone reading recent articles regarding Charleston County’s failing schools must conclude that teachers are at fault. Anyone who is foolish enough to believe this has not spent time in these classrooms.

On a daily basis, these teachers have to deal with students who come to school late, out of uniform, unprepared, constantly disruptive, violent and disrespectful of authority.

Is no professional development class offered to address the needs of teachers who work in such an environment? Perhaps there should be.

Cindy Yianopoulos

Jeffords Street


A story of hope

Jennifer Berry Hawes’ April 6 article “Helping the homeless,” about Jeff Yungman, the police officer and social worker who has devoted his career to helping others, was worth a year’s subscription. It provided a story of how devotion, caring and education can make significant changes in our society.

I was touched to the point of tears, yet my heart sang with hope as well as pride to be living in a city that has the country’s only full-time attorney employed at a homeless shelter who is making important innovations such as the Crisis Ministries Homeless Justice Project.

Bravo, Post and Courier, for highlighting Mr. Yungman as a man Charleston is lucky to claim as a citizen.

Elaine Tanay

Scalybark Road


It’s official

With the results of the GOP primary in it is now official that the voters of the 1st District are the most misinformed in the nation.

Mark Sanford?

This can’t be real.

Robert Wetzel

Farmhill Drive