Bold and the Beautiful: Katie was chagrined when she saw Bill and Brooke hugging and soon suffered a heart episode. Bill and Brooke rushed to the hospital and learned that Katie had heart failure, was in a coma and that she hadn’t been taking her anti-rejection drugs (she had a heart transplant years ago). Bill and Brooke begged Katie to forgive them for the argument that caused her condition. Taylor and Donna blamed Brooke for Katie’s condition. Steffy and Liam made wedding plans.

Days of Our Lives: Abigail and Chad learned that Cameron has been going to Chicago because he is moonlighting as a stripper. Unwittingly tipping off Anne about Cameron’s secret job, Abigail and Chad tried to warn Cameron that his medical career could end if Anne catches him. Anne arrived at the Chicago club. Daniel finally realized that Chloe was up to no good when he saw Nancy’s passport and learned that she and Parker hadn’t been in New York City as Chloe said but were in Brazil. When Daniel confronted Chloe about blackmailing Jennifer into dumping him, Chloe threatened to make sure that Daniel never sees Parker again. Since Daniel isn’t listed as the father on Parker’s birth certificate, he would have no rights to the child. Sy sent Victor proof that Kristen paid him to mug Brady, who recognized Sy from mug shots that Hope showed him. Nick and Rafe foiled Kate’s attempt to pressure Gabi into signing papers giving Will rights to their baby.

General Hospital: During the Nurses’ Ball, which showed off the theatrical talents of the residents of Port Charles, Frisco asked Felicia to remarry him, but she refused. Felicia later asked Mac to marry her, and he said “yes.” Anna and Duke danced the tango and later decided they belong together. While Patrick and Emma paid tribute to Robin, in whose memory the Nurses’ Ball was held, Britt walked onstage and announced that she is having Patrick’s baby, as per her mother’s (Dr. Obrecht’s) orders. Dr. Obrecht said Britt’s father, Faison, would be proud of her. Offstage, Patrick told Britt that they would never be together. Nikolas came out of his coma and told Alexis and Liz that his father, Stavros, has Lulu. Stavros also took Luke and Laura prisoner. Ellie learned that Maxie is keeping a secret about her baby. Starr called Michael and said she’s never coming back. Carly and Brenda got in a fight after Carly caught Brenda in bed with Michael.

Young and the Restless: Learning that there was a warrant out for him, Wheeler turned himself in to Alex, thinking he was a suspect in the shooting during Victor and Nikki’s wedding. Wheeler was stunned when he was actually arrested because his DNA showed up in evidence connecting him to Belinda Rogan’s murder. Wheeler fumed when he learned that Victor and Jack provided the police with his DNA on a coffee cup. Wheeler scoffed when Victor said he’d get proof that Wheeler was behind the wedding shooting. After thanking Adam for saving his life, Victor suggested they run Newman Enterprises together. Nick was upset when Dylan nixed getting the legal charges against him dropped so Dylan could leave town as planned. Summer was upset but not defeated when Kyle rebuffed her attempt to seduce him. Avery said she loves Nick, but can’t accept his proposal now.

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