A trip to the beach isn’t always a breeze, especially if you’re like me and overprepare for everything. My typical checklist includes beach chairs, a radio, a book, snacks, sunscreen ... and the list goes on.

So, sure, maybe living in a beach town makes some of us pack rats, but that doesn’t mean it makes us big spenders. Here are some good deals on the things you’ll need for your next sandy excursion.


Now I know it’s hard to find a swimsuit that perfectly fits your body type, and it may be tempting to splurge on that designer suit. But come on, $150 on a few strips of cloth?

Instead, check stores like TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Ross and Stein Mart. They have great selections of designer suits for every body type.

Target has some of my favorite styles of reasonably priced bikinis, and all swimsuits are on sale until Saturday. If you miss the sale, check Old Navy. They sometimes have better prices than Target on similar styles of two-piece suits.


I’m not a fan of spending much on beach towels because I know I’ll end up losing them by the end of summer. Here’s the solution: buy one or two quality towels to use as blankets or seat covers, and stock up on cheaper ones to use after swimming.

Kohl’s has big blanket-size towels on sale for $11-$13 this week. Palmetto Moon also has some nice ones for about $13 each. For cheaper towels, check out the ones on sale for buy-one-get-one half-off at Walgreens this week. Most are priced as low as $7 each, and they even come with matching beach bags. While you’re there, pick up some sunblock.


If you just want a plain old cheap chair, Target and Walmart are probably your best bet, with fold-up chairs for about $10 each. Dollar General has some decent chairs for $13-$18.

But if you are willing and able to trade up to a deluxe model, Paul Maschek, an owner of East Cooper Sporting Goods, recommends The Canopy Chair by COPA ($49.99). The portable fold-up chair features a sun shield that can be easily detached when necessary, so it eliminates the need (and cost) of a bulky umbrella.


I actually like to use insulated cooler bags as beach totes because they keep snacks, water and my cellphone from overheating, and they do a great job of keeping everything dry. Big Lots has cute patterned ones on sale for $6-$12.

If you need a sturdy cooler to hold ice, check out the bundle deal on Coleman coolers at Walmart this week. For $20, you get a 48-quart cooler, 5-quart lunch box and water bottle.