Democratic congressional candidate Elizabeth Colbert Busch took a swipe at her party’s leader today, while her Republican opponent, former Gov. Mark Sanford, plans to criticize her friendlier attitude toward organized labor.

Busch released a statement today criticizing President Barack Obama’s budget, saying “it simply doesn’t take the right steps to putting our fiscal house back in order.”

She singled out its tax increase and insufficient spending cuts. “Not only does President Obama’s plan fail to put our finances back in order, it would cut benefits for our seniors, which is wrong,” she added.

Meanwhile, Sanford asked Colbert Busch to return a $5,000 contribution from a union that filed a National Labor Relations Board complaint regarding Boeing’s North Charleston expansion.

Sanford made the comment at a Charleston International Airport parking lot, with Boeing’s building in the backdrop.

“If they (union officials) had been successful, what we see behind us would not be,” he said.

Colbert Busch, Sanford and Green party candidate Eugene Platt will meet in a May 7 special election for the vacant 1st congressional district seat.

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