Speed-trap city

I am writing to thank the City of Charleston’s taxpayers.

As a resident of Huger, which is located up Highway 41, across the Wando, in the Francis Marion Forest, 20 miles from the peninsula, I cannot express how much safer we feel seeing Charleston city police hiding in the woods of Berkeley County trying to catch speeders.

This is especially generous as they are within a quarter mile of where the city’s jurisdiction ends. Since we all know speed traps are about safety and not revenue, well, thank you for lending us these safety-focused officers.

Also, please accept my congratulations that your city’s crime-fighting tactics have been so successful that you’ve eliminated the need for these officers to patrol your streets.

Prioleau Alexander

Broadpath Road


Stealth candidate

Democratic candidate Elizabeth Colbert Busch has copied verbatim the Obama campaign strategy of letting the news media attack and destroy her opponent in the 1st Congressional District while she keeps quiet and delivers only carefully scripted messages.

She is being promoted as a dedicated, tireless titan of industry, and like Obama she has single-handedly created thousands and thousands of jobs in the Lowcountry without one ounce of verifiable proof.

Her one and only asset is having a brother with a big name, deep pockets and access to Hollywood money and “make believe” talent for TV.

She has gladly received the endorsement of labor unions and community organizations that support left-of-center political positions.

She has told selected groups that she supports abortion and same-sex marriage.

What about her position on the Second Amendment assault by Obama? Any doubt that she would vote the way he tells her?

She says she supports “jobs and education” and will “work across the aisle to get things done.” These are Obama’s exact words that have proven worthless.

Is this the attitude of a leader or a rubber-stamp parrot for special-interest groups that say, “How can we fool them today?”

Bob Adams

Salt Marsh Cove


‘The God Particle’

On March 15, The Post and Courier ran an Associated Press story about the Higgs Boson, popularly called “the God Particle.”

This story and other media outlets have provided a bit of misinformation about what the function of the Higgs Boson actually is. Unfortunately, this misinformation is likely due to a misunderstanding of the Higgs Boson’s popular title.

In his 1993 book “The God Particle,” Leon Lederman gave the Higgs Boson the name “God Particle,” not because it would supplant the role of God in creation, but rather because, like God, it is underlying all that is and yet is nearly undetectable by the five senses.

As Lederman states, “This boson is so central to the state of physics today, so crucial to our understanding of the final structure of matter, yet so elusive, that I have given it a nickname: the God Particle.”

The AP story from March 15 claims the Higgs Boson shows “how the Big Bang created something out of nothing 13.7 billion years ago.”

Another wishful-thinking or deliberately misleading materialist made the claim on CNN that the Higgs Boson was “the match that lit the fuse of the Big Bang.”

These statements are simply not true and are serving to push a philosophical, not a scientific, agenda.

The Higgs Boson, while extremely important in its function, is itself a contingent entity and does not describe anything prior to the standard model of physics.

Cosmologists and physicists have done great work in describing the early stages of the universe and the unbelievable majesty of the kind of event that must have taken place to bring it into being, but they have not found the answer to the question that philosophers have pondered for millennia, “Why does anything at all exist?”

Andrew Blalock

Reasonable Faith Charleston

Boone Hall Road


Graham’s goals

Sen. Lindsey Graham is busy working on a plan to create a path on which illegal immigrants can become legal citizens and workers in the United States. He wants to add 10 to 14 million illegal immigrants to the welfare and food stamp systems. They will vote for Democrats.

I guess Graham doesn’t think the U.S. debt of $16.5 trillion, the $1 trillion of yearly excessive spending that must be paid with borrowed funding, the 15-plus million unemployed American workers, or the repeal or defunding of Obamacare are worthy of his time.

Whom is Lindsey Graham working for now? He declared on national TV that this time he will not change his priorities because he has people who will protect his back.

Hmm, has he been offered a job by John McCain? Or is it because he is not up for re-election this year? Someone better tell him he will be up for re-election eventually, and then we will find a worthy candidate who will represent South Carolina Republicans.

I.B. Marshall

Club Course Drive

North Charleston

Dog dangers

I am sorry for the owner, the dog and the Colleton deputy who shot and killed the dog. As a Postal Service rural carrier, I was bitten twice by “nice” dogs who lunged through the front door as I stood getting signatures for accountable mail. Armed with only a pen and a letter, I was ill prepared; fortunately, in both instances, the bites were glancing blows and the dogs kept going.

I am pretty sure that it’s difficult to determine how much a dog weighs as it lunges toward you. It’s impossible to know how much damage that dog might do to you. Had I been trained and armed, I might have reacted as the deputy did.

One of my own cocker spaniels tried to take one of my thumbs when I backed him into a corner once. I had him for 12 years, and I was never afraid of him before that or after. We slept in the same bed. But for a split second, he wanted that thumb.

I love dogs. The owner, apparently, loves dogs. The deputy may love dogs.

But sometimes, life gets in the way and things go wrong. This was a bad situation, and I hope everyone involved takes a breath and resolves it.

Carl E. Smith

Sea Lavender Lane


Fantastic festival

With all due respect to Warren Peper, “I’m just sayin’ ” that the 2013 BB&T Charleston Wine & Food Festival is now a wonderful memory. The Post and Courier did a great job covering many of the festival events, and as I understand, another attendance record was set.

That’s certainly a testament to the value and appeal of this fantastic festival.

As volunteers for seven of the eight annual festivals, we have seen this event grow from what was little more than a great party in Marion Square to a nationally recognized culinary extravaganza that Charleston can be extremely proud of.

And it hasn’t happened by accident.

Those who attend this festival never see what goes on behind the scenes to make it such a success.

It all starts with the talented, dedicated and professional full-time staff of six ladies and one gentleman who assiduously plan, organize and manage the activities of a contract staff of over 35 individuals, well over 100 committee members and over 400 wonderful volunteers.

It’s an awe-inspiring amount of work and coordination that makes this festival such a success.

Great job, everybody, and let’s make it even better in 2014.

Fred and Patti Leslie

Whispering Marsh Drive


Born that way

On March 31, a letter to the editor appeared from a pastor as a Bible-believing member of the clergy. I don’t know what is now taught in divinity schools, but it is clearly avoiding facts.

He said, “I am adding to the list of national immorality and sin to include not only homosexuality ... ”

The facts are there to show that in over 5 percent of live births, the babies are already destined to be gay or lesbian, while in the mother’s womb.

It is purely a quirk of nature, due to the evolution of one’s DNA, a foreign concept in divinity schools, and therefore ignored.

I suggest followers of the above Bible-believing clergyman write to Dick Cheney and his wife asking how they colluded intentionally to have a lesbian daughter, being a straight couple themselves.

Auvo Kemppinen

Lake Moultrie


Desire or need?

An 11-year-old named Grace Evans recently addressed a panel of the Minnesota Legislature and asked this question concerning allowing homosexuals to adopt children: “Which parent do I not need? My mom or my dad?”

The article containing this quote is from the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

The author, Victoria Cobb, rightly concludes that when we redefine the partners in a marriage, thereby re-defining parental roles, we have elevated an adult’s desire over a child’s need.

Lynn Norrington

Elissa Drive


Terrifying trees

Recently I made a trip to Beaufort as I have done uneventfully many times.

However. this time terror struck me when I noticed the almost 25 miles of large trees in the median of Highway 17.

I felt surrounded by these ugly threats and was worried sick that the newly discovered threat of large trees might at any time lure my new car into their midst.

These threats to highway safety should be removed and replaced with something like a beautiful arrangement of cables and posts.

Oh, how I long to see the barrenness of the New Jersey turnpike. Its cables are much friendlier and more attractive than our trees. I’m glad we now realize how dangerous trees can be.

E. DuBose Blakeney III

Church Flats Road


Unwanted recipe

After reading the editorial concerning Gov. Nikki Haley’s food stamp plan, I found myself taking issue with her thinking.

There are other dietary problems to think about besides obesity, but they do require special diets outside the norm of what would be considered healthy nutritionally for the majority of the people.

For example, I must follow a low residue diet which is low in fiber as a result of quite a few gastric surgeries that I have had in the past.

I am not on food stamps, but if I was, I would resent Gov. Haley choosing my menu, and in that manner only allowing me the foods I’m not supposed to have.

Gov. Haley is not a nutritionist or a doctor.

She is not looking at anything but the obesity problem when considering people’s dietary needs.


Bayhill Drive