Bold and the Beautiful: To get Maya out of Rick’s life, Caroline (who knows about Maya’s acting ambitions) arranged for Maya’s big break by paying someone to give her the chance to work (out of town) on a movie. After Brooke and Bill crashed into each other, Brooke, noting that Bill was drunk, drove him to her place in her car. The police were suspicious when they found Bill’s abandoned, wrecked car. Brooke hid Bill so that he couldn’t be charged with drunk driving. Katie was furious when Brooke said that Bill was spending the night at her place. Later, Katie took off her wedding ring and gave it to Bill.

Days of our Lives: To break up with Daniel (as per Chloe’s blackmail instructions), Jennifer told him that Jack was the one great love of her life and that she was ending things. When Daniel didn’t believe Jennifer, she publicly broke up with him at the hospital. Chloe then “comforted” an upset Daniel, who surprised her by kissing her (to cover his hurt). Vargas warned a terrified Nick that he expected him to go through with the “deal” they made in prison (which had to do with money Nick made for Vargas). E.J. told Will that he and Stefano would take care of Nick after Will revealed that Nick blackmailed him into giving up his rights to his and Gabi’s baby. Will confronted Kate after Sonny saw her with Rafe, and she admitted that she’s worried Stefano will learn of their romance. Eric told Nicole that he may be transferred out of Salem to another church. Abigail and Chad spied on a gun-toting Cameron, who went to Chicago.

General Hospital: Everyone at General Hospital celebrated what would have been Dr. Steve Hardy’s 50th anniversary at the hospital. Elizabeth spent time with an unconscious Nikolas, who opened his eyes after she left his room with Audrey Hardy. After tasting the Pickle-Lila formula, both Monica and Tracy thought they had imagined talking to the ghosts of Alan, Emily and Rick (Webber). The ghostly trio got Monica and Tracy to call a truce in their feud. Sonny was stunned to see Brenda, who told him that she has moved on and is engaged to Jax. Carly was surprised to see Jax, who gave her new divorce papers to sign and told her that he’s engaged to Brenda. On the Haunted Star, Luke and Laura found Ethan, who was being held hostage by Helena. In a showdown, Luke grabbed the gun that Helena gave Laura after ordering her to kill Luke. Luke shoved Ethan aside, then shot and killed Helena and her thugs. The Nurses Ball got under way.

Young and the Restless: Paul and Alex quizzed Jack, realizing that Stephanie was Wheeler’s daughter, and Alex remembered seeing her leave with Jack on New Year’s Eve. Jack, lying, said that Stephanie went home with him but that he passed out and she was gone when he woke up. Jack told Victor that Paul and Alex questioned him and that they are looking for a link between Wheeler and the shooting at Nikki and Victor’s wedding, and that they don’t know if Stephanie died at the Abbott mansion. Cane went to the doctor with Kay, who has diagnosed herself with Alzheimer’s. Kay underwent a battery of tests. Avery bailed Dylan out after he was arrested, and Nick offered to rehire Dylan as the bartender at The Underground. Adam came out of his coma while Chelsea was with him, but said Sharon’s name, and didn’t remember that Chelsea had told him she’s pregnant. Avery told Tyler and Leslie their father’s case should be settled soon.

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